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Five days and counting. This house is quarantined! A relentless stomach bug is tearing through the family leaving no one behind. Poor Henry kicked off the sick saga on Friday morning while I stepped out to do some work. My poor, panicked mother called to say I needed to be home as quickly as possible and deemed the event emergency status level infinity. By the time I arrived home, Henry was fast asleep sleeping off his first bout with the bug. The rest of the day Henry fought like a prize fighter in a multi round go with the stomach bug leaving him wiped out and cranky. Saturday was a similar experience and the washing machine ran endlessly throughout the day as we tried to keep everything clean and supplies up. We even made our way to the pediatrician since we were so worried about his fluid levels. She assured us that while scary, he was doing fine and these types of ailments must run their course. She suggested Pedialyte, snuggles, a bath from time to time to soothe the little one, and to follow his lead for nursing. She also prescribed anti-vomit medication which has sort of worked but not really. She weighed him and he was down 2lbs! We erroneously thought we were in the clear when by night fall Henry's tummy seemed to stabilize. Sunday morning though was catastrophic as both Henry and David went down for the count. As the only person in the house not afflicted it was a busy day of cleaning, caring, and worrying. The dogs seemed to know that the house was in chaos and snuggled quietly with David all day in bed.  Sometimes they are the best medicine. Well enough to sit up but not well enough for much else, David took care of Henry on Monday and himself so I could start the new school term.  The first day of the term is exciting and fast-paced and I love meeting my students, but it was hard to maintain the stamina necessary to balance my concerns for the home-front, my to-dos at the work-front, pumping for Henry, and also trying to get in a meal and a bathroom break. When I arrived home, David filled me in on the day's list of sick for Henry and how he too was still tackling a headache (probably from dehydration). Now here I am on Tuesday, sitting in bed with the baby monitor on while Henry naps in the next room. This has been an epic nap, but he still has been more cranky and weaker than ever today. My level of worry is only increasing and I am so thankful David is here as well to help with the cleaning up that has been necessary multiple times already this morning! Our poor little guy is still in the thick of it. And, this bug is just ruthless! I feel so sad and so bad for our baby. Every time I hold him, he lays his head on my shoulder and moans lightly while we snuggle and snuggle between bouts of illness. I cannot help but cry because I feel so powerless to help him through it. I am hoping today is the last day....please. Here is the little champion while we ran a quick errand this morning to Target to get probiotics and more Pedialyte, Not even bunny ears could bring a smile to his face today.

an epic nap

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 9.16.13 AM After work on Wednesday,  I brought Henry upstairs to my bedroom while I changed out of my work clothes. He was laying on the bed babbling to me while Buster and Bella were pacing around the bed. Suddenly, Henry started to get fussy. At first, my immediate response was to "change the scenery."  Now that Henry is slightly more mobile he loves to "move" more and being stationary isn't really an option. But, bringing him into my arms, his fussiness didn't subside. Problem-solving Henry is usually easy. Most often, the fussiness is for: a change of activity, hunger, sleepiness, or a diaper. This time, it just so happened to be sleepiness. While I nursed him on the bed, Henry kept nodding off. It was so sweet watching him fall asleep in my arms. But, I have to confess, I have never nursed him while laying down. It just has never seemed like a natural position. With my sleepy baby in my arms, I thought I would try it. Carefully, I laid down on the bed with Henry on my side. And he napped. As I was in my pajamas, I closed my eyes and savored this super snuggly, beautiful moment with my son. My eyes opened every few minutes to take him in and I just could not get over how beautiful this was.

Of course, everything in the house was against us! As we lay there in the growing darkness, Buster was the first to try to upset the moment. He jumped on and off the bed, paced around the room, and even let out a bark as a truck drove by. Then it was Bella's turn. She grabbed a bone and brought it to the bed and started to gnaw loudly on it. I waited with baited breath to see if the nap spell would break. Henry held on to his quiet slumber. Then from downstairs, Blaise started to howl and bang up against his crate. Hearing the pups upstairs, he eagerly sought to play with them and therefore held the nap in the balance. His enthusiasm woke up Daisy who joined in his choir of howls.  Tenuously, Henry remained asleep beside me. After the two longest minutes, the house fell silent and I confidently thought, "Ah, now we can relax into the nap for real." No sooner was this thought made, then my parents came home from an errand opening up the garage. Again the cacophony of dog noises erupted! This time, Henry was jolted from his slumber, but he didn't cry. He merely smiled up at me and my heart melted.