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30 Weeks & 30 Weeks

The littlest member of our family is roughly the size of a large cabbage according to various fruit-baby comparison websites, haha. That is quite large! Have you been grocery shopping lately? A cabbage could feed a whole family and he still has more to grow, eek! What is funny though is that this pregnancy is so similar and so different to Henry's! I feel physically stronger, healthier, and more comfortable than when I was pregnant with Henry. And, at the same time that I say that, I did not have a difficult pregnancy with Henry. I feel like the bump is smaller this time around too, although perhaps I am delusional? I did think last time around that my body was "reabsorbing" the baby those last weeks of waiting for Henry to be born so delusional thoughts and this momma is not new territory! What do you think? IS there a difference? (and not just in the sleeping bags under mommy's eye, haha).

30 Weeks

19 months: No longer a "Baby"

It is so hard not to call Henry a baby. Of course, he will always, ALWAYS be my little baby, but the definition of a baby no longer applies to him. Instead, we have this amazingly independent, creative, loving, curious, playful little boy in our home (and in our hearts). By far this has been the best of times. As he was working his way through his first year, I cried for how quickly he was growing-up. But now, now, I see how awesome it is!  He is just so darn FUN these days. It's been a while since I wrote a little Henry update and felt like I needed to share some of the cute things that are going on with this little gentleman of ours. As I have come to find out, unfortunately, if I don't write it down it fades away from my memory and since my iPhone doesn't have the storage space to record every second of our days together, I better write it down! Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 9.11.49 AM

  • Henry is talking up a STORM! Every day from the second he wakes up to the minute he goes to bed he is a little chatter box. And we can have little "conversations" with him too. For example,
    • David: Good Morning
    • Henry: Morning
    • David: How did you sleep?
    • Henry: Good, puppies?
    • Later in the day:
    • Me: How was baby school?
    • Henry: Good.
    • Me: What did you play with?
    • Henry: Blocks
  • Some of our favorite words these days include: Moccasins, Cucumber, and Puppies because he says these words with various intonations. Sometimes high, sometimes deep and low, and sometimes laughing. He is really playing with sound and repeats the last word of every sentence you say to him. #parrot
  • Running around is the best way to get from  point a to point b these days. He loves lapping around the first floor, running in the park, and diving into his Yogibo  bean bag. He is ready for a tiny tumbler class for sure!
  • He eats like a champion which is fantastic. He has finally started to eat starches although they still remain his least favorite food items. Give this boy fruit, veggies, and meat though and he will tank up!
  • January was a BIG month. Henry committed to his New Years Resolutions and gave up both his nighttime bottle and his binky. Way to go little man!
  • Blocks, blocks, blocks all day every day
  • Play-doh, Play-doh, Play-doh, he cannot get enough of carrying round his little plastic play-doh cutters and slicing and dicing that stuff.
  • Hanging out with friends and exploring our neighborhood has been so fun, as well. Henry can really play now, call his friends by name, and is working on his sharing.
  • SNOW!  Last year when we took the little one out into the snow, he would cry and fuss. Clearly being immobile and placed in a bank of snow was not pleasant. Now though he can run around, kick and carry the snow, and try out a little sledding in our front yard.
  • There are SOOOOO many more updates going on of course, but let's leave it as, this is such a fun time in our family!!

I now just hope that the transition to adding our new little boy to the family goes well!


2015 a few photo memories

2015 was a good one. We learned a little bit more about parenting, had some big transitions in our life, ate well, hugged often, and laughed throughout the year. I always get sentimental at the end of the year. And this year even more so from all of these pregnancy hormones. Looking over our pictures, I well up. Yup, I am a happy sap who is thankful for having had such a wonderful 12 months with my little family.

What am I looking forward to in 2016?

  1. Obviously the arrival of baby 2! I am bit nervous to meet the little guy and to kiss my delightful nights of consistent sleep good bye. But I cannot wait for my heart to grow and fit this little one into our family.
  2. Watching David and Henry meet, love, and live with the fourth member-to-be and seeing where our little family goes this year. I can imagine there will be many adventures in store.
  3. A long maternity leave with my family. A true blessing.
  4. Committing to some real fitness goals and business development. Being a part of my fitness groups reminds me each day how much individuals want to be focusing on healthy life choices and taking care of themselves, but how often we need a little support when life gets in the way of life. Helping to be that support and to get you there to your goal is one of my goals too.
  5. Saving some $$ and paying some bills off. This is the year that I start being an adult about it. You can only postpone this inevitable stage for so long.

I hope the new year bring new joys and adventures to you and your people! And that when you look back on 2015, there is much to be thankful for.

Henry Adam: 12 months
What a bittersweet moment. The last of our monthly updates for little Mr. Henry Adam. Today he turns one. 365 days ago, I was blessed to meet this little one face-to-face. I remember the day he was born so vividly. The emotions can still return if I sit quietly and reflect about the momentous day. When Henry entered the world at 8:58PM, we became a family. This little guy has brought us so much joy and happiness. It is amazing how such a tiny little baby could change everything, but he did and it has been wonderful. He has taught us to be utter goof balls, to be patient, to listen, to slow down, to love even when you are exhausted and completely tapped out, to give it your all and then a little bit more, to wonder, to savor, to look with new eyes, to play, to worry, to fret, to take things in stride, to smile, to laugh, to cry, and to try so so hard to slow down time. This year has been the best year of my life so far. I have watched my son grow into a curious and playful little boy and watched my husband grow as a father. It has been an honor and joy to witness this. I cannot wait for the next year to begin and to keep this family story going.

So much has happened this last month. Henry started using these cute little walker toys. One is a alligator, another a lawn mower, and another a funny little musical cart. At first he walked about tentatively and then he began to run with this toys. Lapping around the bottom floor of the house with Buster and Bella in tow, Henry would shriek in delight and his legs carried him about. He loves running the walker into the pups and getting them to chase him and run away from him. It was our first glimpse at the endless games of tag that I am sure are in their future. Then on June 8, Henry took his first independent steps. It was AMAZING! Seriously, who knew that a few shaky steps could be so exciting. I felt like I was walking the final round of a World Cup match. There was Henry in one corner and then.... 2 steps!!! Since then he has been toddling about but still prefers crawling as he default mode of transportation but this is quickly changing. And sometimes while "walking" about he flashes his little smile inclusive of 8 teeth!

Perhaps it was a result of the duck boat ride through the city of Boston, but Henry is obsessed with ducks. His favorite books right now are Duck and Goose Colors and Gossie and Gertie, his favorite toys are rubber duckies, and he just started to say what sounds like "duck duck" when playing with any of these items. He is also saying ba ba when he is thirsty although he is mostly drinking out of his sippy cup. He is shaking his head no, and while this will probably become frustrating over time, it is so darn adorable right now! And his favorite song remains if you are happy and you know to which he claps along even when crying in his car seat. No matter how old he is, 1 day, 4 months, 12 months, Henry is not a fan of the car ride but at least this nursery rhyme stops him from time to time. Oh, and another thing that I learned this year is that I use my telephone too much to snap pictures of my kiddo. How do I know this?  Well none of my Facebook friends have un-friended me yet for my absurd number of parenting related posts, but Henry has started to pick up his toys and hold them to his ear like a phone. Time to put the phone down!  Of course, at the same time one of his favorite pastimes in FaceTiming with his cousins and grandparents everyday! But the funniest development from our little goof ball is belly raspberries. If you lay on the floor and flash him your tummy, he crawls over to you and face-plants on to your tummy with sloppy kisses.

Project Yum Yum continues over here as the little man eats more and more and more solids. He loves raspberries and would eat an entire container if left alone. Some other favorite delicacies for the little man include: avocado, whole milk, cheese, sausage and rice casserole, birthday cake, olives, oranges, blueberries, stir fry, and pizza. What is better than eating these items myself is watching my little guy eat them, rub them into his hair, and smear them  playfully across his tray. He also enjoys feeding us bites off his plate if we ask politely. Our little dude is a gastronomist.

This month we were so lucky to have two sets of photos taken by the incredibly talented Red Wagon Images. Lyndsay of Red Wagon Images immediately makes everyone feel comfortable, playful, and beautiful. Pretty much everything you could imagine from a family of photographer...and more! She captured the most precious moment for me, the last time I nursed Henry. We met at a local park and found a beautiful tree on a little hill and there Henry nursed for the last moment before he made the choice to move on from mommy to his own sippy cup. It is so special having this moment documented. It brings me to tears and it was so wonderful having Lyndsay capture that moments and the many others this last month including the ultra fun cake smash session.

And the little globe trotter ended his first year with a lot of exploration and travel. He swam in ponds and picnicked with his friends and visiting animals at Drumlin Farm and went all the way to California to visit with his cousins. It was quite the month and truly it was quite a year. So many milestones and beautiful moments dotted the year. It was an absolute blessing to be Henry's mom this year. I am so happy to celebrate Henry's Birthday.

henry adam: 11 months
11 months!! STOP STOP STOP. I am not ready for this. Henry is SO ready for this. He is ready to walk, ready to explore, ready to grow. This parenting business is so hard. I finally get that old saying, "they will always be your baby," because even when Henry is 60 years old (if I am alive and kicking), I will still want him just to be my baby. This little dude is awesome. Seriously, he is the coolest, sweetest little person. I love my little human so so so much and understand that despite my best efforts to keep him little, he will be 1 year old in just 30 days. This first year is flying by us at ludicrous speed. When he was born almost 365 days ago, he was this helpless little sack of love and cuddles. An accomplishment was keeping his eyes open for more than 5 minutes at a time. Now, he is a super independent, playful little boy who loves to get into mischief and go go go.

Month ten started out with Henry being bananas for tubs. We would fill his little baby tub up, plop him in and he would splish and splash. It was a bath for anyone in the room! We added some fun new toys to the mix since we realized that while he was growing up his toys weren't quite meeting his needs or interest any more. So this submarine from Green Toys (which is an awesome company that makes all their toys out of recycled plastics) entered the soapy waters and obviously a sea plane makes sense for tubby time too! Going along with this "Henry's growing up and we really need to realize this!" theme, we tried out the regular tub. BIG MISTAKE! Bath time was super scary even though all of the favorite toys were in the shallowest of waters, Henry was not a fan of the extra elbow room. So we are back in the little tub for now. Any suggestions on how to make the transition into the "deep end" would be much appreciated! For now, he is super content to sit in his crammed tub quarters and be buried under his tub toys.

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? If not, come on over to our abode and place your bet! Will Henry walk by his first birthday? What are the odds you ask, 2-1, 6-5, 20-1...I don't really know how to calculate it, but the current bet stands: David "yes he will be walking" to Melissa "nope he won't be." David's evidence includes Henry's  growing eagerness to walk around with his baby walker toys, an ability to walk around the house when holding your one hand (or finger), some spider crawling in the grass, cruising along the furniture all the time, and some very fleeting independent standing moments. On the contrary, I see Henry as totally going in the direction of walking but just at a slower, more cautious pace. He is super nervous to stand alone and will go days without doing it, he is hesitant to fall, and LOVES to be carried about. I think our little king of the house (Henry actually means "home ruler"), will walk at 13 months.  But, the only one who really know is the man himself. So what is your bet?

While we are all on hyper alert for those first steps, Henry has been up to a bunch of other things. He is working on giving high fives, blowing kisses, and pointing. At night while the three of us cuddle up in his room to read stories before bed he tries to point at objects in his books. It is too darn adorable. And, the one that makes my heart explode is when you ask him, "Henry, can you give mommy a kiss?" he smiles, leans over, and lays a sloppy open mouth kiss right smack on your lips. AH! I want to ask him a million times a day but I remind myself to play it cool, mommy!

Tearing through the house on your hands and knees can be exhausting and every now and again you need to take a little pause. Henry's pause just so happens to look like cobra pose in yoga these days. And speaking of crawling there is nothing more exciting and hilarious to baby boy than crawling under and over things. Under Buster is by far the most fun (not sure Buster thinks so), and under tables and chairs or over his elephant he goes. He has also started to open and close drawers which means daddy and I are no longer able to get away with "lazy" childproofing of just covering the outlets.

But the very most fun development of this month, for me to watch at least, has been the Imitation Game! It's like having our very own laugh reel in the living room. Should one of us crack a chuckle, then Henry cannot help but start laughing as well! It is like he knows someone just told a joke or said something funny or perhaps he just wants to "participate" in the conversation (since his sound repertoire grows by leaps each week). But it cracks me up! His baby laugh is hilarious, so then a small chuckle turns into an all out family belly laugh. Good times.

This month Henry is really into:

  • Dancing. Pick that child up and waltz around the house and he squeals with delight. It is magical!
  • Watching for daddy's train. We drive over to the commuter rail to pick up daddy and roll down the window and watch the trains go by. With each train he shrieks "Da da, da da" and we watch to see if it's the right train. Once David is in view, Henry cracks a HUGE smile and laughs until he gets his hello kiss.
  • Pushing every toy around his room like a car. Most of the toys at our house are gender neutral, but this little boy loves his cars and all things transportation related.
  • Parties!  This month there was a lot to celebrate: Annabelle's Birthday, Kellyanne's Birthday, Wyatt's Birthday, and even a gender reveal party for a new friend on his way!
  • Family times. Our weekend in New Hampshire and our Mother's Day weekend were so great. Relaxing, rejuvenating, and full of time together.
  • Eating. This kids LOVES to eat. He sits for three meals a day and gobbles everything up. But most of all he is obsessed with berries. He is a fanatic. He will grab a strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, or raspberry and raise it above his head like Thor's hammer and shriek in delight before gobbling up as many as his little mouth can hold.
  • Daycare.  It has taken nearly 6 months but finally Henry likes daycare, especially playing at the water table and sharing toys. He loves passing a toy back and forth with Alex in particular.

What Henry did not like this month:

  • Traffic. This little guy has never really enjoyed traveling in the car. Even when he was a super little baby he cried during most of a car trip. And now that he is older and his cries are even louder no one likes traffic!
  • Ear infections. Boo! Henry suffered through his first ear infection. Thankfully once he was on an antibiotic, he was comfortable but until then we had a few tough nights.




Henry Adam: 10 months
Happy Double Digits! Woot Woot!

It feels like just yesterday this little guy was born and now we are staring straight ahead to his first birthday in just sixty days.  Madness; this is just utter madness. How is Henry already ten months old?!? It is funny how the school year's end stills seems so long away and yet Henry's birthday seems too soon. I remember a year ago at this time my belly was swollen with baby and I was nervously anticipating the labor and delivery to come. We were attending birth classes and installing our car seat and imagining what it would be like to have our baby boy join us. We hypothesized and theorized this future. Our expectations were wrong. I never knew just how much life would flip like a switch and how much I would come to love this truly blessed existence of motherhood. Our little family is the best part of every moment of every day for me. But enough of this, I will have a chance to write more about my reflections once we get to that finish line of one year!  For now, what is important is to share everything that this little dude has be up to and into.

This month was all about visiting family and friends! It kicked off with Henry's first Easter celebration. At brunch with family and friends, H dined on an assortment of yummy delights from eggs to scones to pancakes and bacon. He ate heartily while enjoying the company around him. It was then off to California for an extended weekend with my brother and his family. I noted in my previous gushing post that we had the BEST time and are eagerly awaiting our return to that West Coast kind of living. This month Henry also visited with some new faces in New York. We drove down to see my extended family at a little party and topped off the visit with a chance to hang out with Colleen and to meet baby Marcella (my oldest friend's newest addition). If that were not enough, we are soaking up as much time with our friend Amelie and her parents before they become expats this summer. Their current location near Jamaica Pond makes strolls in the fantastic weather descending on Boston ideal. This full month ended with our first birthday party for Annabelle and it was such a fantastic event! It really made me a bit sappy to think about how all of our baby friends are growing up so fast!

Henry has also been super chatty this month. His repertoire of sounds is constantly evolving. While he is a bit reticent with new people, he is quickly starting to warm up and babble away. When he sits in his highchair for dinner he loves to have long conversations. He babbles to his daddy or me and then pauses for us to respond and then babbles again. He changes his tone and cadence and is really imitating dialogue. It makes me so excited for the next few months. Some of his new sounds include (but are not limited to): dada, mama, hi, ta ta, pa pa, ha ha, doh doh, dog, ga ga, goo goo. What makes this all even more exciting is that he can also identify people now. When we ask, "Where is Mommy," "Where is Daddy, " or "Where are the doggies," he looks right to the person or pups in question. Each morning when he wakes up he immediately starts calling "dog dog dog" and wants to see his pups and pet their heads.  In practicing his sounds he has either intentionally or accidentally begun to whistle. With lips pursed, the little whistle sound comes forth and is so surprising. When we first started to hear it, we both thought, "Who is whistling?" or "Do you hear that whistling sound?" and there he was crawling about and whistling his way through the house.

After a long hiatus development has begun again on the smile project! Henry's three bottom teeth have now been joined by his top front teeth. Despite the teething concerns that inevitably come with the arrival of each new chomper, these came in with little pomp and circumstance. After two nights of mild discomfort, his little teeth broke the surface and are working their way down. He is now eating more and more thanks to this development! He has not shied away from a single meal or delicacy we have shared with him. This month's new foods and food experiences included: Indian buffet, pizza, bacon egg sandwiches, steak, almond butter, fish and chips, blackberries, pineapple, thai fried rice, ice cream, and brussel sprouts. Henry is a brussel-sprout monster! He can devour a full plate of these baby cabbages before you can blink your eyes! Dining al fresco has been such a new treat as well. Since the snows have melted, Bostonians have eagerly spent sunrise to sunset out of doors. And we are no different in our desire to be soaking up the fresh air and sun!

While he hasn't taken that first solo step yet, Henry is definitely inching closer to that day. Some of his favorite activities include walking by pushing either his elephant toy or his little activity cart. He walks his cautious little self around and around the downstairs. It is one of my favorite things these days. The little elephant push ride sings this silly song that goes, "I love to go a walkin' with my best friend every day," and around the corner here comes Henry with the biggest grin! He stands with the tiniest bit of assistance and can walk barely holding onto your hands, but he is not quite ready for his solo step. David and I are really excited for that moment though...whenever it happens.

Henry is really into:

  • Imitating everything you do. If he sees you kissing, he opens his mouth for a sloppy kiss. If he sees you doing raspberries on someone's belly, he leans over and tries to do it too. If he sees you eating, you better have food for him. If he sees you turn a stacking toy into a trumpet, he grabs it and babbles into the "trumpet" too.
  • Sleeping through the night!! Sleeping through the night is no longer the rare chance night time experience but it is now the standard. From 7PM to 7AM, Henry is far away in slumberland.
  • Drinking water. From cups or with straws, Henry has mastered drinking water sans bottle. He even prefers to avoid his bottle at baby school and drink his milk via cup. We have found both the munchkin 360 cup and munchkin straw super helpful. Both of these cups have helped him practice this skill to transition from bottle to cup and straw.
  • Waving and clapping. Henry loves loves loves to wave and clap. He cannot contain himself! It is especially sweet and apparent when I bring him to the commuter rail to pick up Daddy and he waves and claps for each passenger disembarking the train.
  • Tucking in. Henry has a "tell" for when he is ready to sleep. When you give him a hug, he puts his head on your shoulder and then tucks his arms in underneath himself. This tucking-in is so darn sweet. I cannot take it! My heart melts each time as he presses close, tucks in, and nods off.
  • Sucker fish. It is hard to wrap your little baby mind around kissing. What exactly is kissing? To H right now, kissing is opening your mouth super wide and then sealing it onto mommy or daddy's cheek, chin, or mouth and then sucking hard. It is reminiscent of the bottom sucker in a fish tank. He loves to give his sucker fish kisses and even though it might sound gross or weird, I sort of love getting them!
  • Playing with toys. I say this because now he no longer immediately puts every toy in his mouth. Instead of playing being another name for salivating on toys, playing now means playing. H pushes his cars around his room, stacks bowls, and passes toys back and forth to you.
  • Towel Cuddles. After a splash in the tub, Henry loves to laugh and squeal as he is wrapped in his towel. Then we hug and hug and hug while he belly laughs and my heart melts every time.
henry adam: 9 months
Month 8 was a wild and crazy ride here!  It was both the most exhausting and scary and awesome four weeks.  That sounds pretty ridiculous but it was.  Our month was divided into two very definitive halves. This first half of the month was consumed by Henry's epic illness. For twelve days, the poor little man was tremendously sick with an awful stomach bug that left him wiped out and left his parents scared and exhausted as well. When visiting with my friend Skye over coffee, I confided in her that those 12 days were by far the most terrifying of my life to date. Henry just seemed so helpless and depleted and no matter what we did we could not make him better. Rather our job was to keep him comfortable as he battled his way through those harrowing days. No sooner did the sickness subside then we were on a flight to Amsterdam for an 8 day family vacation. And, this was definitely a great way to celebrate the end of Henry's bug. We had a fantastic time exploring the city and its surrounding towns. It was definitely an adventure traveling abroad with a little baby. Henry did so well rebounding and was incredibly easy-going while we carted him around the city from sun up to sun down. And then before we could blink an eye the month was over and Henry turned 9 months!

This month also saw Henry eating more and more solid foods and a third tooth helps him with his love of eating. He is now a solid food pro and does not enjoy eating purees any longer (those are for babies!). No matter what we are eating, he wants a taste.  From roast chicken to miso soup to beef stew to Dutch waffles to salad and omelets, Henry cannot gobble down enough! He has been great with each new food and eats with gusto. I sometimes wonder how he can pack all of that in. So far there has not been anything that this little boy won't eat (including lemons). We are now trying to introduce a sippy cup. We have both a sippy with straw from munchkin and a sippy with a spout.  We will see which one he figures out first. Hopefully by next month H will be a pro and interested in drinking some water, especially as we begin to head toward Henry's 12 month birthday and our nursing weaning.

Mmmmm, Baaaaa, Hmmmm, are just a few of the babbling sounds coming from Henry these days. This has been a turning point month in Henry's sound repertoire. He laughs when he sees people laughing around him and this is so cute because it feel like he is "in on the joke." He loves babbling as he crawls around his room, towards the pups, and in your arms. He focuses intently on your mouth while you talk with him and puts his hands of your lips as though he was trying to learn how to replicate the noises. I love this phase so much! I am sure there will come a day when I will miss the quieter times as he talks non-stop but it is SO amazing to witness his language development. His voice is so cute and tiny and also so playful and sweet. And then, on the night before turning 9 months old, Henry said "ma ma"! My heart just exploded when this happened! Hearing his little voice call me "ma ma" for the very first time was amazing. I know I have been a mom this whole time, but it just became even more real hearing my son call me it. Be still my heart!

This month Henry is really into:

  • Pterodactyl shrieks from the back seat of the car. When Henry is strapped into this car seat he makes this sound that conjures up the image of a flying prehistoric beast. He is hilarious and playful and silly and we sort of love it!
  • Reading lots and lots of books throughout the day and before bed. He just cannot get enough. Right now his favorites are the Hungry Catepillar, Pajama Time, Barnyard Dance, and Olivia
  • Cuddling his jellycat bunny from Robin and Heather. This soft little bunny is a new buddy and joins us wherever we go.
  • Making little fists, reaching his arms above his head and growling as if he is saying, "look how strong I am as I flex my muscles."  This cracks us up every time.
  • Meeting animals like baby ducks and puppies. Amsterdam was full of random animal encounters and Henry enjoyed them all.
  • Sitting in the shopping cart while we grocery shop and run errands. You would think this was the best part of his day the way he gets so excited and smiles and laughs as you push him along.
  • Cuddling. Perhaps this is in response to the epic illness he battled at the beginning of the month but Henry has been SO cuddly this month. He loves to rest his head on your shoulder and give big hugs and sloppy open mouth kisses. I truly love this!!
  • Walking with a gentle assist.  Now that he can pull himself up on anything, he wants to move. He grabs a hold of your hands and just takes off. He is quite well balanced while walking laps around the house, museums, playgrounds, and everywhere his little toes touch the ground. We are all super curious when he will drop the assistance and start toddling about on his own.
  • And, I almost forgot but the little guy is waving too. He waves hello and good bye. He flaps his arm up and down rapidly and smiles and laughs. He is quite proud of his new dexterity!
Henry Adam: 8 months
How big is Henry? SO Big!  Just as this becomes a favorite game, we tick another month off in this year of firsts. Happy 8 month birthday, little man!! Yet again, I am in awe of how much this little guy has grown and changed these four short weeks. The happiest moments are the ones in which the three of us are together playing, singing, and laughing. This parenting business is really fun. Yes, there are tough moments (especially when we were tackling two colds back to back), but 99.9% of the time, it has been nothing but pure joy being this little man's momma.

Six snowstorms in one month meant a lot of days snowed in together. I could not have imagined a more fun way to spend the winter than hibernating with my two guys. With each added inch to the ever growing heap, we were granted days away from work to snuggle and play together. It felt like an extended mat leave and I was so thankful. At the same time, the snow storms hit every Monday and Tuesday which meant that the two days Henry was set to attend daycare never happened! Mother Nature must have known how sad and worried I was about this daycare transition that she softened the blow with pillows of snow. Instead of starting on January 16, Henry started his two days on February 16! That first day was so hard. Covered in food and tears, H's first day was less than ideal as he processed his new environment away from home. He was so distraught at pick-up that first day it broke my heart. But with each successive visit, he has become more comfortable and the latest pick-up he was even on the ground playing with his buddy, Wyatt, and a make-believe salt and pepper shaker set. It was a bumpy start but these two days at daycare are starting to finally look pleasant.

In January, we reached out to a local photographer, Ann Lyle, to take 6 month photos of Henry. Unfortunately, we quickly realized that the price point was a little out of our range. Then two weeks later, Ann contacted us to say she was in need of a six month old baby boy model to update her website. If we agreed to let her use Henry's photos, then she would give us a mini session. Immediately agreeing, we headed to her studio one snowy morning. Her space was awesome. The props, clothes, and setting were perfect to capture some sweet photos of the little man. Ann was great to work with and so patient with our shy guy. She captured such excellent images that we decided to book a one year session with smash cake for July (stay tuned for maximum cuteness coming your way!).

What has the little guy been up to this month? Oh, a whole lot.  Henry had his first night with a babysitter so that we could go out to dinner with our neighbors. After meeting Abby when she first arrived to the house at 5:45PM, he spent the rest of the night asleep, so that was successful, no? Henry is also crawling for real now. This means that you turn around for a second and H criss-crosses a room and moves across the floor at ludicrous speed. It is amazing and awesome and incredibly intimidating. If he moves this fast on his hands and knees, what will it be like when he is up on two feet? He even dangles little toys from his mouth in order to carry them around the house with him. His favorite to do this with is his little turtle. Bath time is also a blast these days. Instead of reclining in his little tub, he sits upright and just splashes and plays. Standing up and plopping down to make waves, he laughs and laughs. His little playful personality is busting out these days and he has the mischievous grin to prove it. Whenever he makes "that face," David and I turn to each other and say, "oh we are in for it!" With his little grin and tongue sticking out, Henry makes a beeline for his bookcase in order to drop his books one by one onto the carpet or knock over any block tower, or push his little cart and elephant around. Add to this waving and clapping and we have had a pretty fun month with our little "hell raiser."

With a second tooth coming through the surface the sky is the limit on this little man's appetite. This month he has tried more and more food items and eaten them all with gusto. From peanut butter to meatloaf, our little foodie has enjoyed them all. And when we go out he is now big enough to sit in a high chair so meal sharing has become easy. He is so cute sitting at the dinner table chomping on his cuisine. I just love how much he loves to eat and I hope he continues to enjoy this part of the day. Some new foods for Henry included: peanut butter, italian food, brazilian food, chinese food, and puffs. You cannot eat in front of Henry without giving him his share and his little pincer grip gets more and more adept.

This month Henry is really into:

  • Reading books. Henry loves to snuggle up in your lap and read board book after board book. His favorite right now is Otis Loves to Play.
  • Crinkle books are very entertaining these days!
  • A new lovey to snuggle at night. I cannot wait to watch Henry bring this little guy around with him. It is so darn cute.
  • Someone has finally moved up in life! That's right, we upgraded to the next phase car seat. This means that we can no longer cart Henry around in his infant car seat and wheels. So Henry is now advanced to the regular UppaBaby Cruz stroller too.
  • My new favorite clothing item is hands down these baby moccasins. They are made from such soft leather, they are easy to slip on (and they don't slip off), and come in the greatest colors. I want every single one of them!
  • Singing songs. This little crooner sings to himself his little babble songs in bed and in the car and at night when he nurses himself to sleep. I love hearing his little voice, it is the sweetest. And I love to sing to him too. Our favorite lullaby these days is Silent Night.
  • Expanding his friend circle. Two more little friends were born this month. Henry got to welcome baby Jack and baby Logan to the world and he cannot wait to play with them.
  • Attending wee reads and taking books out of the Sudbury Library is always a treat!


henry adam: seven months

Today Henry turns 7 months old and tomorrow he will be 17!  That is seriously how it feels sometimes. Don't get ahead of yourself, Melissa, you still have many more months to go until he is off to college, but each month flies by with his constant changes and firsts. Not everything about being a mom is easy. For example, this past month I tackled two illnesses while simultaneously needing to continue to care for Henry. Ugh that was SO hard. All I could think about was this commercial as I went between my death bed and Henry's room. But, I am super thankful for the family and friends who dove into the trenches with me to help get us to the other side of it all.  Despite these challenging times, being a mom is the best job ever (at least that is how I feel about it). I get so excited watching Henry learn and play each day. I remember when I was a babysitter always thinking how repetitive the days were and thinking how I would never ever want to be a mom myself.  How could I sit on the floor and "play" with an infant day in and day out? How could I pick up flung toys over and over again? But, it really is different with your own little one. Each time we play and each time he does something, you really do see the learning that is going on underneath and the subtle differences in each attempt. That, or I am so far down the mommy hole that I cannot come back up for air!

Month six was a full one to kick off 2015. Henry probably met more people in this one month than he has in his short lifetime. The parade of family and friends was kicked off by a visit from Auntie Kaelin. K spent a week with us (and helped out during illness #1 food poisoning by fish taco!). Each morning we would lay around the house in our pjs playing with Henry, grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks, and just be together. It was so fun to be able to share my winter break from school with my two faves! Henry just loved spending time with Kaelin and it was so so sad to say goodbye. We are counting the days until we can see her again and show her Henry's new move: pseudo-crawling (which might be real crawling when we see her again).

Then, Henry was swept up in a hectic social scene which included celebrating a new bestie soon to arrive in February.  He had a great time at his first baby shower. He was held a ton by our friends Kellyanne and Lauren, and soaked up every second of the experience, i.e. he went on a nap strike. Despite the lack of sleep, he remained pleasant and content throughout the luncheon and he even snuck  in his first kiss! That is right, Henry is starting early on the girl front. This adorable little one-year-old (yes, my son is into older women), was so sweet and thought that "kissing the baby" was the best thing ever. So clearly, she had to lay the love on thick. I only wish David could have been there to see the love shared ;) If this wasn't enough love, Henry also spent time dressed up as baby Cupid with his little crew of baby friends. We all headed to our friend's house as she hosted a play date and holiday craft day. It was a fun time watching the littles play on the floor with an assortment of toys, dip their hands and feet into paint to make cards, and dress as baby Cupid for a little photo shoot. Obviously we kept one card for ourselves because the cuteness was killer and then shared the others with our fan club, grandmas and grandpas. And, we ended the month with the same baby group to celebrate the Patriots in the Super Bowl potluck style.

This month also contained Henry's first flight!  We packed up a ton of gear and boarded a flight from Boston to Jacksonville to spend some quality time with David's family. It was a smooth trip down and back. Best of all Henry got to meet his great-grandmother, uncle, aunt, and three cousins and, of course, spend time with grandma and grandpa too. We all stayed together in one house which meant that despite the shortness of the visit we were able to squeeze out every second together. Henry was totally smitten by his new family members and loved loved loved playing with his cousins. Alyza could not stop cuddling and holding him, Alex enjoyed reading to him, and baby Zachary was such a sweetheart and played and shared toys with him all weekend long. It really was special and I am so glad we were able to get down there.

What are some of the new skills that this little guy has mastered heading into month 7? Well, he loves to babble. He is constantly making sing-song sounds, little shrieks, squeals, and laughs. He has really found his voice this month and I cannot get enough of it. Every night I make it my mission to get him to laugh himself silly. I seriously love the sound of his voice. It is soft and high pitched and just so darn cute! His favorite things to laugh at these days are: wrestling with David's head, tickles to the tummy, and the space ship song. Henry is also sticking out his tongue and trying to mimic the shapes we make when we talk. He focuses very intently on your mouth and then tries as best he can to move his mouth and tongue in a similar fashion. He also loves to roll his tongue over his new tooth!  Yup, our little guy is all grown up now with his one little chomper. His bottom left tooth has broken through the surface of this gums. It is hard to catch a glimpse of it though. And spotting it feels like claiming a sighting of the loch ness monster, but every now and then he pulls his tongue back just enough and bam there is the tooth! He is pseudo crawling too. If you place something at just the right distance from him, he will slow crawl his way over to it.  Too far and he will look for something close to distract himself, too close and he will army drag himself to it. But we have caught the crawl on camera to confirm that he is SO close to doing it. Of course he prefers to walk though. He loves to hold your hands and walk all around the house and pull himself up on things. I hope he doesn't skip crawling. I really want to see him scooting about, but clearly his passion is for the two-footed approach.

Lastly, he can sleep through the night! I say "can" versus "is" because he is not consistently sleeping through the night quite yet. His first cold has set him back a bit as has teething.  Let's just say having a sick baby is so miserable even if it is just something as slight as the common cold. It is just awful watching him struggle to breathe and sleep (thank goodness for Vick's Baby, a humidifier, Tylenol, and an amazing husband). Fingers crossed this cold gets its butt kicked by his budding immune system quickly!  But, back to sleeping. The other night Henry slept a solid 6 hours straight, then 8 hours straight and finally culminated in a 10 hours straight night! What?!? It was nuts! My chest was so confused as to why no one demanded nursing through the wee hours of the morning but the rest of my body was feeling delighted by the sleep drunkenness I was experiencing (darn you cold for making it so short lived!).

This month Henry is into:

  • Eating solid food bits by himself and perfecting his fine motor skills. I am finally getting over my fears of choking (a little) and Henry has tackled: eggs, toast, broccoli, tomato, and banana. All while playing in his high chair with measuring cups, prep bowls, and a pasta claw.
  • Playing in the snow, or really experience the snow around him.
  • Sorting out his new day care experience. Yes, the little man is now attending daycare two days a week.  It has been a tough start. His first day was quite sad and it left me with a broken heart and then he skipped his second week because of his cold. So he really hasn't started but he is technically in daycare for two days a week (a blog post about this to follow soon).
  • Loving his Travel Crib. This item is SO easy to move through the airport with, stows in the overhead bin, and is comfortable and simple to assemble.
  • Playing with some new toys: Push Cart, Ball Drop, Octopus, Talking Puppy.
  • Wearing his latest eating fashion item, the long sleeved bib, for easy clean up!






long sleeve bib

henry adam: six months
Why is it that I love and hate ticking the months off? Each month is SO different with this little guy. He learns so much and becomes more and more social with each passing day and I love all of this. And, I hate it! I wish I could hold on to these minutes more. Everywhere I go with him, strangers always stop to say, "Ah, savor this time it doesn't last long." I want to say to them, "I know and it kills me! And how did you adjust because clearly you are saying this to me because your babies are now thirty or so, no?" Oh is the plight of all of us mommies and daddies.  Aside from this sad introduction, I promise this has been a fun month, in fact the best yet. (Yes, now that I am a mommy to this little guy, I cannot help but be hyperbolic, it comes with singing children's songs all day long!).

This month, Henry is all laughs. And, when David gets Henry into a laughing fit my heart melts. These two guys already seem to share something special. Henry knows that when daddy is in the room it's time to get the belly laughter started. David holds Henry high over head and "adjusts his grip" shifting Henry from his right to left hand and back eliciting the baby giggles. Growling on his belly or neck will do the same. Whenever we pack him up for an outing and buckle him into his car seat we share Eskimo kisses, touching our noses to his and he cannot stop himself from cracking a smile and giving us more of those adorable, sweet laughs. And one of my favorite new additions to the Henry laughter list is "goo goo gaa gaa." Lately, if you are holding him and start this little baby phrase, he cracks up.  Perhaps he is mature enough to know that adult baby talk is ridiculous?

Henry has been eating and eating and eating this month. As I type that it sounds so weird to me. Obviously he is eating otherwise he we would have a problem on our hands. But, what I mean is that he is weaning on to solids and really enjoying himself. He seems to enjoy a fruit for breakfast, a fruit and some greens for lunch and greens for dinner. So far he has enjoyed:  sweet potato, carrots, turnips, avocado, peas, green beans with raisins and apples, banana, mango, pear, butternut squash, apple and peach. Some of these he enjoyed more than others but overall he hasn't been fussy about eating as long as you pull his highchair about in the kitchen like a choo choo before settling down to the meal. We even tried some BLW with a banana and toast twice. I peeled the banana the first time and while he could grasp it initially, it quickly became too slippery. The second time with a little help from my mommy friends, we peeled the banana a little and left a bit of a hand grip for him.  This was a much more successful attempt! We see our pediatrician on Henry's six month birthday and we plan on really starting BLW then once we get the green light (because I am such a chicken about choking)!

Christmas is a cozy time of year and with it sandwiched by both David's and my birthday this time of year is so fun!  Now top this with a new little baby, and the joy of the season is quite palpable. Henry woke up around 8AM on Christmas morning and we were all so giddy and excited to race downstairs and open presents. I doubt he knew what was going on but he could definitely tell that the adults were happy and making a big deal about the beautifully wrapped packages.  Henry made out like a bandit. So much love poured in from family and friends all around the country. He received so many loving and wonderful gifts: a ride-a-long elephant, activity table, his entire 9 month wardrobe, a singing monkey, a sorting raccoon, a push cart, blocks,  rattles, hooded towels, and books. He was a lucky little boy and this was one very special first Christmas both for him and for his parents (I cannot believe I am this little guy's mom and David is his dad, seriously?)!

Henry has developed a number of fun new skills this month. It all started with slobbery attempts at raspberries. He was determined to master this skill and practiced SO much. As soon as he woke from a nap, he immediately started to razz, after eating, during tubs, when being changed, when in the car, really just everywhere. And...he did it! After days of constant practice, he is now a pro-razz man! A weird new talent on the surface, but it is the first step toward real communication skills, so hurray! He is also able to sit on his own. This has completely changed how he plays. Now he rocks back and forth on his hands and knees into a sitting position and can reach and grab toys nearby. He seems so much more independent in a way because he can now get what he wants into his hands and play with it without being inhibited by the prone pose. Because of this mobility and sitting up (and even pulling up to standing), we have lowered his crib. David also has taught him to turn off lights, which has been incorporated into our sleep routine. It is adorable to watch his little hand encircle the light switch and ever so slightly lower the switch enough for the lights to go out. He is quite proud of himself. He loves to sit in your lap and read many books. He has a nice attention span now and is really interested in the story watching both the pages and your mouth as your read. With help, he likes to turn the pages too.

Despite the rapidly cooling temperatures, we have been out and about. First, Noah was born!!  Henry's little best friend finally joined us and we have visited him and his parents and were excited to celebrate Christmas with them as well! We attended music classes at the Sudbury Library and introduced this to Noah too. Most excitedly we visited the aquarium downtown. Henry was amazed! He was enthralled by the fish and turtles. He just watched everything and reached out to touch everything. I can already see that this will become a standard spot for us. And, obviously you have to follow-up a visit to the aquarium with a visit to the North End for cannolis, no? Yes, I could get very used to this family outing. And to cap off the month, Henry turned 26 weeks old on New Year's Eve, he currently is weighing and is tall and wears size 9 months clothing!

Henry is really into:

  • Since Master Henry is drooling like it is his job, he needs to wear a bib all day or have multiple costume changes. I am not a fan of the bib look so we discovered these scarf bibs and love how hip he looks!
  • Someone loves to read these days. His new favorites are: Babies Everywhere, Baby Loves Summer, Giraffes Can't Dance, and Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site.
  • Now that the little man is munching his way through solids we have found these leather bibs to be SO helpful in keeping him clean and they wipe clean so there is no extra laundry (Thank you, Bryan and Jessie!)
  • We have started using Honest diaper wipes and really like them. They have a mild scent, a textured material which allows for super easy clean-up, and they are supposed to be made of only good, safe stuff for baby bums.
  • And to hold the little man's food we have been using these espresso cups!  Yup, we now measure how much he eats by how full the espresso cup is: He ate 2/3 of an espresso cup today!
  • Henry had a really good Christmas with lots of love coming in from all other the country. Some of his new favorite toys are his ride-along elephant and activity table. He just cannot get enough of these. (Thank you, Andy and Heather)
henry adam: five months

"Where is he?" David asks as we stare at the baby monitor at 2AM. Quickly, we scan the cam from side to side. "Ah, there he is, all the way up in the corner," I sigh, relieved. Henry might not be fully mobile but he is definitely not still any more! It might take him a long time to creep across the crib but if you miss the process (because you are catatonic between feedings) his positional change seems tremendous! This nightly movement has been dubbed "creeping to the corner." Each night, we lay the wee one down in the center of his crib on his back. It is a textbook transition. But this little guy has his own agenda these days and patiently creeps and drags his squishy body up into the corner of his crib so his face is smushed up against the rail as though he were trying to smother himself. And of course, he flops onto his belly. In this dangerous pose he slumbers sweetly and sticks his bum up for good measure! This, combined with his new talent of re-binkying himself, has helped lengthen his sleep cycle. I cannot help but laugh in the middle of the night while I watch him search for his binky in the dark. His little hand glides over the sheet searching for it, finding it, and then through a process of trial and error he is able to get the binky into his mouth correctly! Hooray!

Since mobility is the theme of the month, awake-Henry is also actively scooting himself across the floor. He can now lock his arms and hold himself upright in a "crawling pose" and when on his belly he can do a fancy 360 spin. He rolls across his play mat and across the room, so turning your back on him to grab something or do something quickly is no longer an option. He is able to hold himself upright in a sitting pose for about 30 seconds and really wants to master this skill. Lying under the canopy of his play mat is frustrating for him as he would much rather sit up alongside his baby gym in an seated assist. He is our adorable, floppy gymnast as he tries out his new moves and we spot him throughout his day! This spotting includes watching him stand and hold onto various low items around the house. Henry likes to grab onto the coffee table, his bookcase, and the couches. But it will definitely be a little while before he can do this without a helping hand. Lastly, my latest favorite Henry move is the crunch out of the car seat. He clearly knows that when the buckle to his car seat is unclasped, it is time to come out. He immediately locks his arms and crunches forward with all his might in an attempt to bust out. I cannot help myself from laughing at this adorable attempt.

There have been so many firsts this month, including a whole lot of laughter. Henry finds yawning to be hilarious.  Do you want to snap a great shot of the little guy with a sweet smile? Then just start yawning at him. He literally cannot contain himself. He also laughs when he sneezes! When I sneeze, he cries but when the sneeze is self-generated he laughs and laughs and laughs.  If you nibble his belly while changing him, he bursts out laughing and cannot contain his delight as he flies about the house as an airplane in the arms of his dad! And then there is the owl puppet.  Henry loves this fury little toy. He watches it swoop and fly and dive bomb him for belly tickles. This is where we hear his heartiest laugh!

Did you know Henry eats? Well, sort of. We started noticing that when we ate in front of the little guy he started to fuss or stared at our food with his mouth agape. The signs were becoming clear. This boy was ready to start some solids. David assembled his high chair and we tried the first meal: peas. The green mush did not go over well. Henry batted our hands away and made those baby faces that all babies make with their first bite of solids. We were excited nonetheless, because at least he tried it and we would just have to introduce it again some other day. Bananas have been a recent hit!  He eats almost a sixth of a banana which is a lot for someone so small. No more batting the food away, he eagerly opens his mouth for a spoonful and even cried out for more! Watching Henry explore food is hilarious and awesome. I can already see this is going to be fun...and quite messy. I am hoping to start BLW (baby lead weaning) once he is about six months. A number of my mommy friends are doing it and they love the experience.

Lastly, every parenting article about sleep suggests establishing a sleep routine early and sticking to it. We followed this advice but it never seemed like Henry cared for it. Sometimes he would cry through a bath or fuss through a book. He seemed always to want just to nurse and sleep. Finally, this month it all clicked for him and you can tell he "gets it." He splashes and plays in the tub and he squeals when we lay him down to put on his pajamas and halo sleep sack. As soon as we pull the books out, he gets quiet and focuses on each and every page. His favorite bedtime stories are Dear Zoo and the Going to Bed Book. It is amazing to see how he anticipates the different steps of his sleep routine. Then David kisses and cuddles him before it is time to nurse. With the lights out, the nightlight on and his tranquil turtle playing softly in the background, Henry and I rock on the glider together while he nurses. This is going to sound super sappy but sometimes in this setting with my drowsy little boy I cry a little because it is so overwhelmingly sweet and cozy. He holds my hand and looks up at me and I tell him how much I love him and how special he is to daddy and me and how we are so lucky to have him in our lives. Then prying myself away I lay him in his crib.

This month:

  • Snuggles are constant. Henry loves to snuggle. He can lay and cuddle in your arms all day. He loves to sneak into the nook of your neck and play with your hair and just be held nice and close. Gosh this is my ABSOLUTE favorite!
  • Coy smiles happen every day. He gets this light in his eyes and just cracks the sweetest smile at you even from behind his binky.
  • Mobility is growing. This kid is ready to be on the move.
  • Henry arches his back when you try to change him, because really diaper changes have been too easy these past four month, ha! And, he tries to roll and roll away from you.
  • He loves to scratch fabric in order to hear the sound it makes, he especially loves scratching the netting on the side of his pack n' play and the arms of his glider while nursing.
  • Rolling is a skill we see practiced. You cannot lay him down without him rolling right over.
  • Art cards for babies from Wee Gallery are vastly entertaining these days.
  • Puppy pets are a must. He loves to get close to them and reach out his hand to touch their backs and heads. Who needs TV when you have four puppies to watch wrestle about the house? They entertain Henry for hours.
  • Henry tried some arts and crafts this month. During our mommy brunch, he made Christmas trees with his feet. Afterward, I tried to make turkey hands to send to our family and friends but this was a Pinterest fail.
henry adam: four months
The days are long but the months are short! Is it really four months already since our little man joined our clan? I cannot believe it! When I look back at pictures of newborn Henry, I am amazed that he was ever that tiny (and, yes, I know he was never really that tiny but still you know what I mean).  Here is a picture of Henry our first night and next to it is a picture of him in the same bassinet last week. Despite a little razbliuto for my itsy bitsy newborn, I love exactly where we are right now. Another mommy blogger I follow keeps saying, "This is my favorite month" when writing about her son's growing up, and I know exactly what she means. It is amazing to witness this little one's constant development into a little boy. He really just melts my heart and I continue to fall deeper for this one.

This month has been full of noise. Henry is all about practicing his noises and testing out his vocal chords. After a hearty long nap, he can he heard cooing, babbling, and shrieking in delight. He loves to makes sounds like, "ah," "agoo", "ma," and "ha." He is also "laughing" a bit more too. No longer thunder without lightning there is a laugh now. He especially loves to be tickled under his arms and at his sides which often leads to little squeals. His voice just melts my heart and then when he and David are on a roll of making each other laugh, I could burst. Seriously, there is no faster way to make me swoon than watching those two together. Be still my heart!

And then there is all the singing. Henry loves to listen to music and singing. While most people would be pained to listen to me croak out a show tune, Henry is my biggest fan. He can sit in his bumbo chair or bouncing seat for up to thirty minutes or so just smiling and smiling as I sing at the top of my lungs with gusto a variety of Disney songs that I seem to know by heart. Henry's favorite songs though are "The Ants Go Marching" and "Proud Mary."  For the ants song, he loves to bounce side to side on your knees and he likes a deep octave, think Barry White. For "Proud Mary," he likes being held standing and he gets a little funky with the beat. We only ever make it through this part of the song

"Left a good job in the city Workin' for the Man every night and day But I never lost a minute of sleepin' Worryin' 'bout the way things might have been

[chorus] Big wheel keep on turnin' Proud Mary keep on burnin' Rollin', rollin', rollin' on the river"

But Henry loves it and I cannot stop laughing whenever David busts it out. Then there are the evening dance parties at our humble abode. From Michael Jackson to Al Green to Journey, Henry loves to be held while we dance about the house. Even Mema gets in on the fun! Tonight for example we did an homage to motown before bedtime. It also helps that we are starting Henry early with pseudo instruments. He is all about the shaker eggs during these music sessions and can even hold one on his own and "shake" it a bit.

His hands never cease to amaze him these days. Everything he can grab goes straight into his mouth and he holds tightly to rattles, toys, clothes, necklaces, etc. etc. And when he falls asleep he holds his hands together over his little chest and slowly, slowly his hands come apart and in super slow motion find their way to the bed beside him. I love watching this little activity over the baby monitor. You know Henry is asleep once his hands make contact with the mattress.

Aside from all of these little-person growth triumphs, October has been a very busy month as we introduce him to Fall treats and savor the beautiful crisp weather. So far Henry has been pumpkin picking at Volante Farms, attended Wee Reads at the Sudbury Library, gone to a Halloween celebration, met new friends (like Erin and Bill), spent time with baby friends, attended a costume party, baby shower, and a few  tiny tot swim classes.  These swim classes have been SO fun. Each Sunday at 11:15AM we meet up with some friends in Sudbury and do the open swim time for littles. Henry is not sure how he feels about swimming. The first time in the water he was as stiff as a board as we helped him glide through the water. The second time, he was grumpy for the first ten minutes then we got some laughs and smiles out of him. One thing is for certain after each swim session, the little man crashes for an epic nap!

Ah, and that gets us to his sleep schedule these days. Finally we have hit our stride again when it comes to sleep. Henry takes a morning nap around 8AM for about an hour, then an afternoon nap for about two hours, and an early evening nap around 4PM for another hour. Then it is bedtime at 6:30, late night snack at 10PM and even later night snack at 2AM and then up for the day at 6AM. While this isn't exactly sleeping through the night the schedule works for him and me and I love snuggling his little sweet self in the middle of the night while we rock together on the glider. Luckily once he finishes his nursing he goes straight to sleep. He is wearing 6 months clothes now. And as always, I am just so lucky to be this little one's mom. I love him so much and miss him all day long when I am off at work.

This month Henry is

  • Starting to sleep on his side
  • Loving his Zutano Booties
  • Mad about his Jumper
  • "Talking" up a storm
  • Starting to laugh and squeal when you tickle him
  • Mesmerized by singing
  • Loves dance parties
  • Dresses up for Halloween
  • Looks at pictures of his family in a little photo album we made for him
  • Rolls around like a professional
  • Nibbles on everything
  • Enjoys sucking on apples
  • Loves to hold his hands and to hold your hands
  • Swims (sort of)
  • Shakes his musical instruments
  • Plays with puzzles
  • Loves looking at himself in the mirror
henry adam: three months
and an "out take" because it is so darn cute and funny!

According to the app "wonder weeks," Henry has just completed his stormy week. As he turns 3 months old, his body is focused on learning smooth transitions: coordinating his limbs, focusing his eyes, developing speech, and processing his surroundings.  Since this is so much work for a little one, the app marks it as "stormy" because babies can be often quite fussy.  Thankfully, Henry has been his usual jovial self. Yes, this time period may have affected his sleep which up until last week was merely Henry not sleeping at all.  But, aside from the lack of sleep (which has gotten MUCH better) Henry has been a super curious, playful, and happy little guy.  We joke that his laugh is like thunder and lightening. Right now he opens his mouth wide to give a hearty chuckle but there is not a sound. Perhaps like thunder, his laugh will soon follow his toothless smile. At lunch on Saturday, David had to change a blow out diaper and said that he heard the first true hearty laugh out of the little man! I am waiting patiently for a repeat performance.

This month marked my full return to work and Henry's daytime care turning over to Mema's capable hands. Mema and Henry are doing great together. Each morning my phone buzzes with picture updates, as Mema reads stories, plays on the mat, feeds and swaddles him for naps, and helps Henry practice rolling over.  I love coming home and asking Mema, "How was your day?" and she replies, "Oh it was wonderful. We did all of our activities together." At the same time, it is hard being away each day. Leaving in the morning continues to rip out my heart and I still cry most mornings on the drive in. The consolation is knowing that Henry is having a wonderful time at home with Mema who loves him so very much.  Under her supervision, he has started to really respond to conversation and is determined to roll over.  A few "accidental" rolls have occurred. Then finally last night, while I was working my epic long night on campus, Henry did it. He rolled, and rolled, and rolled for Mema and Pepa.  This left us all in a little panic. We were planning to wean Henry from his swaddle this weekend but had to do it cold turkey now that he could flip himself over. He must have been ready for the release of his arms during sleep because he slept great despite the new sensations and freedom.

The best part of this month may just be the sounds that Henry makes. He loves to lay down and stare up at you and just coo and shriek and babble. I know he has to grow up but I wish I could just savor these moments longer!!  This may just be my most favorite month yet, really. His little personality continues to develop and he is such a flirt! He practices his grin, coy smile, and even his frown. And while he obviously cannot speak yet, these expressions really do fill the home. It is not a far stretch to imagine him chatting at the dinner table.

Henry is starting to grab and reach for things and this includes holding onto your clothes as you cuddle and sway him. He loves playing with his rattles, although sometimes he gets carried away and whacks himself in the face.  And, he loves watching the dogs play.  Right now we have four dogs in the house: Buster, Bella, Daisy, and Blaise. Each of these little beasts wants to be near Henry at all times. While this can be a little frustrating since they don't quite understand their own strength, it does come from a place of curiosity and Henry is equally curious about these fuzzy creatures who like to stick their wet noses on his cheeks.  With a little assistance, Henry pets each  of his furry friends.

His morning and evening routines seem to be developing as well. My alarm goes off at 5AM and I head into the shower to get ready for work. By 5:30AM, Henry is awake and David plays and cuddles him in bed until I finish. Then I take over from 5:45-6:00AM and play in bed with Henry while David showers and gets ready. Then around 6:05AM we all head downstairs. My mom joins us and makes coffee for the adults while David plays with Henry in the living room.  I pack up my bags for school, eat some breakfast, and then snuggle the little guy so David can do the same. We usually have 15-20 minutes all together in the living room before it is time to said our goodbyes for work. At night, recently, Henry has started his bedtime routine at 7PM with a bath.  Then it is pj time, reading, snuggles, a fresh diaper, a last meal, a little swaying and down for bed.  While he doesn't sleep completely through the night the new pattern is to sleep until 12:30AM and then get up again around 3:30AM and then 5:30AM.  And, our little man is about 15lbs and 25.5 inches and barely fitting in size 3 months!

This month Henry is:

  • All smiles
  • Cooing, babbling, and shrieking
  • Using his tranquil turtle to help him go to sleep (and David and I love it too, it is SO peaceful!)
  • Has changed swaddles , these seem to be a little stronger than the summer swaddles we originally used
  • Plays with his rattle and rocket ship from Bannor Toys
  • Sits in his Bumbo Seat
  • Loves reading. We have started to read the Biscuit books
  • Loves seeing his friends
  • Takes strolls in the park
  • Enjoys brunch on Sundays
  • Can be in the Ergobaby without the infant insert and doesn't only sleep in it now
  • Showing signs of laughter and rolling over
  • Takes a bottle like a champion (Dr. Brown all the way!)
  • Has discovered his hands and feets
  • Loves to chew on your hand or his hands
  • Is starting to drool and blow bubbles
  • Grabbing and grasping for things around him


henry adam: two months
So much has changed this month! Henry is no longer the sleepy little baby who observes his world silently. Instead, he has become more and more vocal and loves to smile and squeal in delight. His smiles are killer. He is such a little charmer and he spends so much of his morning just smiling his toothless grin at you. It pulls at your heart and it takes every ounce of me not to just eat him up. He still naps like a champion but it takes him a little longer to get to sleep these days. While it was a little hard figuring out that he wanted a few more snuggles before nap time, it was worth every moment. He will only be this tiny for a short period of his life and the least I can do is soak up every snuggle he gives me! You can tell that he really is beginning to notice people, pets, and toys and continues to develop his list of preferences. We have loved all of our adventures this month too. Every day heading out with Henry becomes more and more second nature. This month we have visited downtown 3 times and have had many family members come to stay with us. Throughout all of these moments, Henry has been an excellent little companion and host. We definitely still have some challenges (like Henry is not a fan of drinking from a bottle), but overall being a parent, caring for Henry, and watching him observe and interact with the world around him is the best...simply the best. It makes going back to work next week hard on my heart because I never thought I could love a little baby like I love this little guy. I am going to miss him so much during my day and I am going to miss the time we had together as a little family of three all summer long. This was hands down the best summer. I guess David and I will just have to savor every minute we have home with our little charmer this Fall.

This month Henry is:

  • Smiling a TON
  • Starting to show signs of laughter on the horizon
  • Babbling and saying "agoo"
  • Noticing his toys and trying to "play" with them (reaching out towards them)
  • Enjoying being read to and looking at the pages
  • Visiting with family and friends
  • Starting to take a bottle (but the struggle is real)
  • Snuggling like crazy
  • Listening to songs
  • Making tons and tons of flirty eye contact
  • Noticing he has a tongue and staring at your mouth when you talk to him

Henry Monthly Archive:

One Month

henry adam: one month

Henry Adam, our little guy, is one month old! He is just the sweetest little boy too. David and I could not have imagined a better addition to our twosome. And, we get to keep him too! Seriously, this month has definitely had its challenges (evening fussy sessions that left us ragged) and its triumphs (heading out of doors more and more), and we are so happy to announce that Henry survived his first month with us as parents!! Woo Hoo we did it! The learning curve was steep (and in many many ways we continue to climb it) but this first month of jitters and calling out to each other, 'What do I do?" is checked off. I would even do it all over again if I could.

Henry is really into:

  • Being held upright by the couch so he can stare at the picture frames on the wall

  • Rocking in his glider

  • Napping in his Mamaroo

  • Being swaddled

  • Taking baths and getting his head scrubbed

  • Dancing around the house with mom and dad

  • Listening to his parents sing crazy, off tune songs

  • Being smelled by the puppies

  • Cuddles and sleeping on someone

  • Farting (this makes all of us happy!)

  • Kisses on his chest and feet