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I feel pregnant

This week, I FEEL like I am pregnant. Up until week 31, I have felt pretty good. Yes, there are aches and pains, and yes, I am noticing some significant bumping-out in my midsection but I have enjoyed the second and third trimesters immensely. Working out, eating well, and being with loved ones has kept me happy and energized.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 2.32.57 PM

The bump is big, but not too big that I can't sleep at night or move with ease.

And then week 31 hit! I feel like overnight my little bump popped out like WHOA. I now get caught as I move around our dinner table or bump it trying to fit through a doorway. Getting dressed leaves me winded no matter how many SoulCycle classes I attend, and I have to eat slower because my stomach gets full fast and heartburn is a new development too. Having never suffered from heartburn, I described what I was feeling to David in a crisis tone of voice only to have him slow turn toward me and say, "Melissa, that is heart burn."

Then I slipped and fell in the snow because my balance is good but not great on ice or with a big belly sticking out in front. It just feels like I woke up (or was up from my preggo insomnia) on Tuesday morning and got slapped with the pregnancy stick.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 2.33.19 PM

So yes...I will admit I am pregnant. It has taken this long for me to realize just how pregnant I am, but I am. Having been here before with Henry, this bump is just going to get bigger and somethings will just get harder from this point out. Oh, and David has a bunch of business trips between now and the due date so a lot of these "discomforts" will be on my own. But, I got this! Right? It's my last pregnancy so even though I am feeling it, I want to feel it. I want to feel these body changes, savor them, honor them, enjoy them, laugh about them, and be as comfortable (or uncomfortable) in my expanding skin as I can be.


third trimester

No one told me that the second pregnancy is SO much faster than the first. When we were waiting for Henry, it felt like we were waiting and waiting and waiting. Like an elephant, I must have been pregnant for 22+ months. There were nights when David and I would just sit and stare at the bump waiting for something to happen. And then with Henry coming after his due date, the waiting gaming was brutal. We were so excited and also we were alone: just me and just David and just the dogs. Our nights were easy and filled with a whole lot of nothing much. Maybe some reading, some television watching, some knitting, some chatting, and some pj wearing occupied our nights which meant we had a lot of time to think about this baby joining us. The second time around is so different! In some ways, I feel guilty for not being able to better savor this little bump and to better quietly connect with the little guy. Instead, our days are filled with workplace commitments and our nights are filled with the family time scramble. I get home at 4:20PM, rush into the house, snuggle Henry, engage with & feed the dogs, scramble to get into comfy cloths (because who wants to wear jeans, really?), heat up dinner, feed and entertain Henry during "dinner," and race back out to get David from the train by 5:20PM. Once David is home, we eat dinner number 2 (which is usually a snack/dessert for the little man), play in the living room, bring Henry up for a bath, get him ready for bed, do stories, and just about collapse with him in his crib at 6:30/7:00PM. By 7:00PM, I am ready for bed, but trying to avoid the "lame" category, we stay up to cook dinner for the next night, have some time as a couple, and maybe sneak in a little Bachelor on Monday nights.

Just as I settle into bed, the littlest member of the family gives me a kick. It's like he is saying, "Hey there busy lady, remember me?" And that is why I cannot believe we are in the third trimester already, and also why I totally understand how we are! Seeing that reminder pop up in my e-mail this morning was really needed today. I needed a reminder to slow down and savor this bump, to slow down and build in some time to connect with my little guy because before I know it he will be earth-side!

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 10.02.52 AM

vanilla milkshake, the latest craving

It seems like it has been a few months since I could pinpoint a craving. Yes, I am always hungry but I have yet to send David out in the middle of the night to grab me this or that. Nor have I eaten the same meal or snack for multiple days in a row. The first trimester was my craving center. From spicy pad thai to pickles, I needed these items and craved them but rarely did I actually give in to my desires on a daily basis. Instead, I would distract myself with something I hoped would be a healthy alternative and move on. Unfortunately, 9 months later that early craving bug has kicked back in and this time it doesn't like to be distracted or denied! Vanilla Milkshakes have become my calling. I think about them probably 90% of the day (especially since I am home from school now and impatiently waiting for this little one). I think about the next one I am going to have, the one that I am currently having, and then ponder which of my milkshakes has been the ultimate shake. While I am a bit worried about the fat and sugar content, my baby brain keeps telling me "Hey it's calcium."  With about 1 week to go until the little man's arrival, I am going to give into this craving. How much damage can it do me at this point??  (Yes, I am very skeptical too about this).

Regardless, it seems my baby (and/or just me) is in the need of some TLC that can only come in the form of a vanilla milkshake. Cheers to you baby!


2 scoops of vanilla ice cream

1/2 cup of non-fat milk

1/2 teaspoon of vanilla

Mix all ingredients into a blender, pour into your favorite glass, and enjoy!

third trimester in review

It has been over 200 days since we found out we were going to be parents!  I never realized fully how long a pregnancy was and how much we still have to go until now. Regardless, I have been very lucky in how I feel during this period and I am incredibly thankful to have been able to enjoy each and every moment of it. While I cannot wait to meet the little guy in 7 weeks (or so), I am really going to miss being pregnant. Each trimester has brought new changes and experiences and every time I think it cannot get better, it does. Yes, there are definitely discomforts but overall each trimester is peppered with so much joy, energy,  and love that these months have been some of my most favorite in my life. Watching David grow into a daddy, watching our home welcome the newbie, watching the belly grow, and watching the baby become more animated and responsive each day has been a miraculous experience. I wish I could take each day and package it up in some memory jar to pull out in the future. I could become addicted to making babies, but let's see how life is once this little one arrives. The best part of the third trimester so far:

  • The belly is definitely a bump!
  • Baby boy moves and wiggles and shakes everyday
  • He responds to touch and I swear when I talk with him he does too
  • Maxi dresses couldn't be more comfortable right now, I feel like I work in my pjs
  • Belly Balm is my new best friend
  • Eating with gusto is such a satisfying part of my day
  • David is taking SUCH good care of me
  • Bella, the pup, definitely suspects something is going on in my belly
  • The nursery is almost complete
  • I still have energy and am able to move around almost like I am not pregnant
  • There is baby gear in kitchen drawers and in the living room now too
  • I am still sleeping through the night (although I suspect this will change)
  • Midwife visits are frequent now and I get to listen to baby's heartbeat each week
  • It is starting to feel like just mere days until he finally arrives

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 11.51.56 AM

The "dis-comfortable" part of the third trimester so far:

  • Flat shoes only
  • Hot flashes always
  • Awkward pelvic pain at random times in a day or week
  • Braxton Hicks contractions during class times
  • Desperate thirst
  • A nasty cold during month 8
  • Delivery (and the pain associated with it) becoming imminent and constantly in my dreams
  • Wedding rings no longer fitting safely

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 11.51.43 AM

(my replacement ring)

In our childbirth class, the instructor often talked about the power of positive thinking. While I am sure this "grace" period of the third trimester is closing as we approach the final days and weeks, I am still going to hold out in my belief that the way I have been feeling during this pregnancy will end just as well as it started. And before we know it, this little person will be joining our family and changing everything (for the better) forever. And yes, I am feeling super sappy today =)



60 days

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.....60!  That's about it from this point. It is amazing to think we are in the home stretch of this long waiting game for baby. But, we are SO very excited to meet this little guy. Last night, we worked on our birth plan "wish list." Of course, the day of will likely throw us some curve balls, but we are hoping that as long as everything progresses well and the baby isn't in any distress that we can have the labor and delivery we both imagine. The baby room is coming together bit by bit and last night we washed his little baby clothes. Everything is so tiny! Of course, only he knows exactly when he is coming but we like to pretend that this 60 day estimated due date is it. Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 8.12.14 AM


spicy sausage & arugala naan pizza

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 9.14.09 AM 10 weeks.  That's all that is possibly left until we meet out little guy.  In some ways, 10 weeks still feels luxurious and distant and in other instances it feels like a blink away. Of course we are excited for the day to come but there is always so much on the "to-do" list.  Regardless of our planning though, I am sure he will come whenever he is ready to grace us with his presence! This week, 30 weeks pregnant, marked a change in my energy level.  My second trimester energy high is starting to wane a bit and I am curious if the crushing first trimester exhaustion that I have had an extended reprieve from is returning. Getting through the day isn't too challenging but I definitely feel the day on my bones when I ride home and in my muscles when I finally collapse on the couch. Quick and easy dinners are therefore a major necessity now. This latest naan pizza was so simple that it might become my next obsession.


4 Naan

tomato paste

ricotta cheese

1 Spicy Sausage

1 red onion

parmesan cheese

red pepper flakes, salt, pepper

olive oil


Preheat the oven to 425.  On a baking sheet lay out the 4 naan.  Mix 4 tablespoons of tomato paste with 4 tablespoons of water. Spread this mixture over the naan, leaving a little room at the edges for "crust." Lay some thin slices of red onion on top of the sauce, crumple the ricotta cheese and scatter over sauce, sprinkle parmesan cheese, red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper. Remove sausage from casing and crumble and distribute over the 4 naan. Drizzle olive oil on each naan. Bake in the over for 16 minutes. Once the time is up, top each pizza with arugula, serve, and enjoy!

third trimester "to do list"

Whenever I get nervous or overwhelmed my go to is to create a "to-do list." I know that it is a little weird but it just helps me to organize the chaos around me and helps me feel productive.  With the list in hand, I can believe that one by one it will all get done.  Yesterday, was an overwhelming day as I watched my April calendar go from manageable to overcrowded. Taking a few minutes to myself, I decided it would probably be a good idea to think about creating a third trimester to do list. The school year will inevitable throw me a curve ball as the final months wind down, but somehow this seems natural and non-intimidating. However, this baby business is just so new to David and I and, even though many of our loved ones have given us great advice, until we walk through this experience we just won't really understand how dramatic the change will be. Fingers are crossed that this "to do for the countdown to baby" helps us stay focused and as stress-free as possible as we inch ever closer to his arrival.

Third Trimester: To Do

Finances & Paperwork:

  • Continue to budget for Baby

  • Life insurance/Create a Will

  • Put money aside for Hospital Bill

  • Update 401K plans

  • Put baby on Healthcare


Getting Close:

  • Create Birth Plan/Birth Preferences

  • Get Breast Pump prescription

  • Install Car Seat

  • Pack Hospital Bag:

    • Insurance information, hospital forms, birth plan, picture ids

    • 2 pairs of socks

    • robe and loose pajamas (2)

    • Underwear and maxi pads

    • flip flops

    • sweater/sweatshirt

    • Extra towel

    • Pillow

    • Tennis balls (2)

    • Snacks

    • Bathing suits

    • Comfortable shoes (slippers?)

    • Maternity bras & nursing pads

    • Lip balm

    • Toiletries: Toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair brushes, shampoo/conditioner, soap

    • Eye glasses and contacts

    • Cell phone and charge

    • Camera

    • Sugar free sucking candies

    • Small bag of change of clothes for David

    • Comfortable going home outfit

    • Nursing pillow

    • Coming home outfit for baby

    • diapers, diaper cream, wipes

    • Blanket

    • Pacifier

    • Hat

    • Scratch mittens

Sheesh this is a long to do list but somehow getting it down makes it seem more manageable even though it takes a few scrolls to see the list in all of its beauty.  Can I ask if I am missing anything?  What did you or would you include for a hospital bag?  Any additions I should make?  Let me know what your experiences with the third trimester have been like because I am SO open to suggestions!