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Owen Edward: 3 Years Old

How do you sum up a year with the cutest and sweetest little boy? I literally cannot even process all the fabulous little memories this soul has brought to our family daily. But I will try to recall some highlights from the past year because he deserves to be showered with the intensity of love that he gives out. When I was pregnant with Henry, a colleague shared that the way in which her children were born illuminated a lot about their personalities. And while that might be us playing a little “Monday night quarterback” on what should be a much more complicated and nuanced view of our children, there might also be a dash of truth to this. Owen was born in a flash, before I knew I was in active labor he was practically in my arms and ready to face the world. When I use the word intense, I am using the part of the definition to reflect his strong spirit, independence, emotion. He will kiss and cuddle all day, every day. He will tenderly caress your arm or turn your face to his to have a conversation eye to eye. And all I want to do is squeeze him tight and snuggle him forever and he always game for that too.

He is loud. As in, I am curious if he struggles to control the volume of his voice kind of loud. Owen only has two volumes so loud you can hear him anywhere in the house or the whisper level of a butterfly. He will try to make you laugh every single chance he gets. He gets this little twinkle in his eye, shifts his gaze sideways, and curls his lips into a smile and you just know he has gone into his humorous mode. He loves his brother Henry so much and copies Henry in so many things. But he is starting to have his own opinions and preferences too. Where Henry is crazy for Ironman, Owen chooses Spiderman. Where Henry wants vanilla ice cream, Owen wants chocolate. This little three year old is turning into the foodie of the family too. He loves calamari with a passion, tries every sauce he sees, and enjoys veggies of all kinds and could eat us out of broccoli any night. Once you get him talking, he will take you on an imagination roller coaster sharing intricate and long-winded tales of magic and mischief but his favorite word is definitely poopy! If you ask him where he goes to school, he will tell you “Mema school” and he seeks to stay in his pjs all day if he can. He is learning to swim and definitely leaning into his more adventurous side these days, taking little playful risks jumping into the pool, riding his bike, and climbing everything he can at the playground. He is both parts of the old children’s rhyme: sugar and spice and everything nice and snips and snails and puppy dog tails. He is a ball of dirt and always has chocolate on his face, but he is sensitive and kind and will guarantee to make you laugh and smile in the most beautifully intense and joyful ways. If he has a hole in his pants, he will tell you it is because he is growing. He is a rockstar traveller and easy going in spirit. And if you want his attention promise him and cuddle and a snack and you have a captive audience. We love you, Owen and Happy birthday little buddy

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Henry Adam: Four Years Old

Happiest day to my little guy for making the FOURTH trip around the sun!!!  Looking back over the year in photos, it blows my mind how blessed we are to have you in our lives. You came into this world, slowly, methodically, and chubby and you have turned into the most curious little tinkering boy. Every morning you turn the knob to our bedroom door and, carrying your little Maggie dog, you ask, "Can I come and cuddle you?" And my heart nearly explodes every. single. time. Your smile and your laugh are contagious and you love to tell jokes to make others burst out laughing alongside you. You are mischievous in all the right ways and the best friend and brother to your Owen. School this year was an utter blast. Everyday at pick-up you would exclaim, "I had such a GOOD day!" and show off the stamps you received from Mrs. C for listening or being a helper or just for being a kickass little kid. There were travels this year to California and Maryland to see the nation's capitol and lots of visits with family and friends and then there was your epic first trip to Disney World! Your favorite toys are transformers and legos because you love to take apart something and build it back up or configure it differently and you are always excited to try a new food or meet a new friend. I often think about how I want to live my life more like the way you lives your: curious, playful, non-judgmental, in the moment, and with magic in your eyes! Happy Birthday, Henry you our everything to us love ~ Mom and Dad