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strawberry scones

I can't remember the last time we baked. Since there is not a lot of self control in our home when it comes to sweets, we try to avoid bringing them in the house in general. So sad, right? But of course, it is important to constantly remind myself that I need to watch the intake, keep sugars to a minimum, and eat meaningful calories. Nevertheless, looking through our pantry,  it became apparent that we had just the right ingredients to bake scones. Even though energy is a major commodity these days for me, I decided to expend a little in order to later enjoy a delicious scone while sitting with my feet propped up. The recipe from Eat, Live, Run was simple to follow and my first batch of strawberry scones were quite successful!  Every morning since, I have been very thankful to my former self for making these delicious treats that my current self can enjoy. Besides, it is made with whole grain and strawberries so it can't be too "bad" for me, right? Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 9.15.15 AM

elr's spicy thai sprimp skillet

We were all set to make meatloaf last night. I had been dreaming about that hefty loaf of meat for a week. David was on board and all that was needed were the ingredients. Then browsing through the list of blogs that I follow I saw eat, live, run's latest culinary post. The image of her Spicy Thai Shrimp Skillet changed everything. Asian food is my go to food. I could eat Thai food every single night. There is never a week or day in which I am not craving it.  So to see a homemade Thai dish that David would most likely also enjoy really had me intrigued. Rushing off to Whole Foods, I ditched the meatloaf for another time and loaded up on the new ingredients. The recipe was incredibly easy to make. Her blog stated that it took 30 minutes and she was right. The only piece of the meal we had to "wait" on was the rice. Everything else cooking up within minutes.  It was really delicious and yet again we are looking forward to the leftovers! Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 7.37.26 AM