Henry Adam: 5 Years Old

29 Days ago Henry turned 5 years old! Summer has been an explosion of growing, changing, trying, and learning for this little man. Each day he is following his curiosities as he learns to swim independently in the pool and practices his snorkeling. He is practicing finding the surprise in trying new things. We took a book out of the library called Jabari Jumps and this book has acted like a little guide for him. Whenever he is feeling nervous about something new or unsure if he is ready to climb to highest play structure, he remembers Jabari and goes for that surprise moment. Bicycle riding might not be his favorite activity, although he is more willing to test it out in small doses, but he LOVES to take things apart and rebuild them. Always with a screw driver in hand, he is never satisfied with just playing with the toy, he wants to know how it works and see the inside parts. Harry Potter is the newest book to join our library and having never read these books myself, it might be the best part of our day to snuggle up and read through the magical sentences of Potter’s journey. Crayons, markers, and clay have become exciting to Henry too. He can spend a lot of time doing his art and drawing out his imagination from alien portals to Ironman to “challenge puzzles” for his brother, his creative expression has arrived and I love EVERY moment of it. The little ninja is always flipping and flopping and tumbling about. He has nailed his forward and backward tumble and can climb the fire pole in our backyard to tap the wooden crossbar at the top. Somedays he says he wants to be a robot engineer and other days it might be a pilot or ninja turtle and we just love seeing his personality and interests grow. He has started to ask kids at the playground their names and runs off with a little group to play and climb together. In a month, Henry starts kindergarten and while I sometimes worry about this transition for him, I know that he can do it and that he is so eager to learn to read and to tie his shoes. It feels as though this little dude is on the precipice of great things to come and we love you so so much little man!

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