A workshop with Rat City Studios

Don't quit your day job!

How many times have you heard or said that phrase? Probably many dozen of times for me. But, lately I have been wondering if the idea of quitting my day job could be something to pursue. This would not be an immediate cast-off because I love it and am fulfilled in it, but potentially I am chewing on a slow-paced shift. After attending a workshop this past weekend with Rat City Studios, I am thinking about dreaming more, practicing harder, and reaching out to a few network opportunities. My BIG dream is to open up a multi-purposeful studio space equipped for classes, cafe sipping, and pottery making. And in order to get to that dream in the next couple of years, I have to practice at the wheel and work on some business strategies to make opening Foster & Feed Studio viable. It is an incredibly exciting feeling to think that maybe when "I grow up," I can make some excellent mistakes and mompreneur the heck out of my life and change what a day looks like for me and my family.

Sitting in the workshop surrounded by 24 other women in cozy knit hats and coffee mugs in hand, I felt like I was around my people. It was a morning of being future-focused and I took so many notes for day dream. The artist shared a number of excellent insights that I have been processing since:

"Your hands are your best tools"

"By sitting in this class, I know you have the stamina to do this"

"Pottery, as a craft, means you are willing to take risks already, it means you are playful and that you are able to live with the results of your risk-taking."

"Managing a studio is a creative process, it requires a teacher who understand how to design an experience and how to invite the community in to teach and learn alongside one another."

If those statements were all one needed in order to rent a space and flip the sign to "Open," I would be ready. But what I am ready for is sustaining my interest in learning all that I can of this art, learning about glaze chemistry and kiln operation, and small business ownership. There is this space in my town on the Main Street, that I have my eye on. With big windows and flooding light, easy parking and some vintage fixture features it would be a quaint space for a community & creativity building studio.