Portland overnight

When I was kid, probably an early teen, my parents would go away for a "romantic weekend," in the Poconos. My brother and I would always laugh and laugh at them thinking there was just no way that sounded like fun. But then David's mom and step-dad said they would babysit our little guys for us for an overnight stay in Portland, Maine and well it was AWESOME!

We missed the boys so so much, but it was also so so fun just being a couple again. It felt like we time travelled a decade. Back ten years into our past when we would just slowly meander about, kiss more, explore more, and eat at all the posh locales. It felt exciting and a little tummy-butterfly-nervous to be away together. We were tourist in this little coastal city together and explored the fun of a new place. Deciding to eat well, lunch was at Duckfat and consisted of delicious local beers, Belgium frites and mayos, a pear and porchetta salad and we shared a brisket with Asian slaw panini and a tomato, bacon, goat cheese panini. Dinner was over at Fore Street where the line started fifteen minutes before the doors opened and we enjoyed some tasty drinks at the bar with a lovely older couple before sinking our teeth into an outrageously good charcuterie. David had the pork loin served with some Brussels and an insanely delectable cranberry bourbon reduction and I inhaled a monkfish with bacon shiitakes and polenta. The flavors were so good, I want to eat there every night. We saw so many pottery shops, and window shopped up and down every street. Stopping in bookstores and pantry stores throughout the day to warm up for a few minutes and look through the wares.

It was clear that with a little extra band width, we could be totally smitten with one another and have such a playful time just the two of us. Chatting all day and talking through topics from future plans and dream travels to memories and ideas we hold dear was so luxurious and beautiful. Dating on this little excursion with David was delightful and I am super grateful for our moment away and hopeful for future adventures both with the boys and just us two. It was so sweet to reconnect so intimately with my husband and best friend and we talked so much about how our lives are changing now that the boys are older. We can see more of these easy excursions with them too. They are just so damn good and getting to be so damn easy that things are really feeling different in our neck of the woods. But little vacations for just us are also so damn good and needed too!