Pottery: Year one!

David is the absolute best at gift-giving! Seriously, he just nails it every.single.time. His system seems so reckless though. Sometimes, it is the night before the big event and there is still no present purchased for his person and yet by morning light, he stands there with a perfectly wrapped and insanely thoughtful, spot-on, "he must know my soul," kind of gift. I am convinced he is the real St. Nicholas.

On the other hand, I am conclusively the worst. All year long, I keep a list of on-going gift ideas. Little conversations happen often in which the people I am close to might say something like, "Wouldn't that be a nice gift?" or "I would love this one day." And I eagerly write down their revelation and feel super confident heading into the holiday season that I have hit a home run this time. BUT nope. What I am learning is that people change their minds and shift their desires and that little things they might have mentioned about a month ago in a moment is totally out of their minds by their birthday so when they unwrap the curated piece there is confusion. It isn't that they flat out don't want it, but they are like "oh....yea!" LOL.

I need to figure out my new system. But last year, David did it again. His gift not only hit on Christmas but continues to give me joy: Pottery Classes. It has been almost a full 365 days since this journey into the world of pottery and making started and I continue to be so grateful to David for taking a risk in opening that door for me. But even more than that initial day, he continues to support me and my fantasy of opening my own studio space and one day sharing classes and studio space with a little co-op of clients and crafting men and women. So in order to give back to my man, I have one gift I know is the ultimate ultimate. It is going to take a little time to save for it, but it must be done. Because like my pottery it will be the gift that keeps on giving in his life.

So I am hoping that in 2019, I can use the sales from my pottery world to help save for this for him. I am planning some really cool new items for the pottery shop and I hope you feel like coming to the page and checking out this endeavor. My goal for this endeavor for David is Father's Day. So that will be a lot of clay and hopefully a lot of craft fairs and a lot of sharing on the world wide webbery, because to get the full value of joy you must have someone to share it with!