Which five items would summon you?

In the local mom group I am a part of there is a fun fact Friday post to our Facebook group and it is always a post I look forward to. Instead of the typical posts and questions, it is a chance for us to be silly together and in that I always feel stronger ties to the community. This week the question had me laughing out loud. In light of the Halloween holiday the question asked: if a salt circle seance was drawn to call out and draw in your spirit which five items would they use to encircle you? I burst out laughing because the concept of this is just for some reason hilarious to me. But then, it was hard to name five and it dawned on me that while this question is by its nature super silly, it also reveals so easily the identity crisis that I and so so so so many mommies I know express. Outside of my family, who am I right now? What five items would "define" me? Not me as a mom, or me as a teacher, but just me. It was a lot harder then to think of, but of course we cannot compartmentalize the many layers of our identities. Mommyhood and being a teacher are a part of my identity so I breathed a sigh of relief and let myself off the hook a little for being a "totally original and perfectly unique human being." And then my five items came to me:

  1. A ball of clay
  2. An order of Pad Thai
  3. A cup of coffee
  4. A bottle of method cleaning spray
  5. A pair of yoga pants

What would your five items be?