the best and the worst

There are a lot of emotions associated with Mondays. Dread, anxiety, and excitement rest on the continuum of Mondays' feelings. Wednesdays get the delightful position of "hump day" when talking about the weekend becomes socially acceptable. Thursday and Friday blur as one slides into the two days everyone is working for according to the Loverboy song of 1981. But Tuesday, poor forgotten Tuesday, has the awkward status of coming after that rough and tough Monday and before the turning point day of Wednesday. For me though, Tuesday just might be the best day of the work week.

Since school started, this once forgotten day has ascended into quite the object of affection. While the alarm still goes off at 5AM, instead of rolling over into the usual, I have to bolt out of bed, grab my "go bag," and race to the car. There is a spin class that has started my morning for the past 6 weeks and while on Monday night I question the sanity of my next day's decision to attend this class, when the morning breaks I am always excited to head into spin. It makes me feel like I am "conquering the unachievable" for a suburban working mom, at least. There is a pocket of time between my kids waking up and work where I can sneak off to exercise and not feel guilty that I am neglecting something. For 45 minutes at an insanely early hour on a Tuesday morning, I dig into some party music along with at least 30 other people. I sweat, burn calories, get a smile for doing "something good for my body," grab a Starbucks, enjoy a hot shower at the gym, and soak up a morning routine that isn't as crazy as it first seemed when that 5AM sounded. At school my Tuesday morning schedule is awesome! The first TWO HOURS are prep time. After my morning of spinning and sipping coffee, I power through grading and lesson planning with my head down and fingers flying across the keyboard. I shut the classroom door and try as hard as I can to make it through my entire to-do list or to get as close as I can to that ultimate goal. The rest of the school day continues on and having "done" so much before 10AM, I am left feeling like a real-life Gal Gadot-Wonder-woman.

After school on a Tuesday, we never cook. Monday nights are for a big pot of something so that Tuesday we can come home and just be with the kids. Cell phones get turned off or put in drawers and for the next few hours, we are just. Just together, just doing legos, just eating some leftovers, just laughing, and just doing the family things. Before bedtime, it is pottery time. Tuesday nights are my favorite because I get to spend three whole uninterrupted hours in the ceramics studio. These productive nights have my hands busy pulling pots, glazing, trimming, and chatting with the awesome ladies in my class. I look forward to hearing their stories from the past week and seeing them make alongside me. And then at 10PM, I head home.

Then Wednesday......

is the worst. Seriously so hard to get up on this morning after a day like Tuesday! Wednesdays are the busy school day, the hardest morning waking, and the longest day. UGH.