Ni Hao

This time next week the plane door will close and I, along with 18 students and 2 chaperones, will push from a gate, taxi to a run-way, and take-off toward China. The adventure and cultural exchange will take us to Beijing, Chengdu, and Shanghai for 12 days! From walking the Great Wall, to touring the forbidden city, to visiting a panda sanctuary, the itinerary is the stuff of dreams. Each day there are promises of delicious cuisine and beautiful sights. It is very exciting and happening very soon. I have been asked dozens of times how I feel about the trip ahead: Are you worried about leaving David and the boys? Are you nervous about traveling so far? What will you do on the long flight?

Yes. Yes. And I have no idea.

David is a fantastic dad so I have no worries that he and the boys will be fine. I do think though that David will get a more focused look into what I do on the weeknights and weekends to keep our house clean and functional. As a type A personality, I tidy every night, meal plan, do laundry, and grocery shop. Obviously David is capable of taking these over but I worry about coming home to a stack of pizza boxes and disarray. But I don't really believe that that will happen. David will figure out his rhythm and balance over those 12 days and the boys will have so much fun bonding with their dad!

I am nervous about feeling "disconnected" from the family. Having a twelve hour time change means narrow windows of opportunities to check-in and the firewall of China may make updating family and sharing photos a little difficult. The hardest part will probably be the evening when I head to a sole hotel room and finally take a "break" from the immersive experience and then wish that my boy squad could be with me sharing in these adventures.

I have never been on a plane for longer than 7 hours and this might be the Achilles heel of my travel! What do you do for a flight that long? Obviously there will be movies and books to read. I am thinking of taking a few yoga breaks in the aisle to reduce my chances of blood clots! I will pack snacks of course and maybe a magazine or two from the airport newsstand. And then maybe a glass of wine to help me sleep? I am most afraid about sleeping. I am a terrible airplane sleeper and once we land it is go go go time!! I hope that my body/mind will get to an exhausted point where I sleep enough to make it through our first day of activities. Everything is crossed. If you have tips or tricks for me, please share. I am open to all ideas!

T-minus 7 days to China!