holly jolly

WOW Christmas is kind of like the motto for the month of March: In like a lion and out like a lamb. Or maybe it is more like frenzied like Black Friday shopping all day everyday for three weeks and then a quick retreat into a stress induced nap until New Year's Eve? Driving home from my last present run, I turned to my mom and said, "Okay now for the the next three days we won't go near route 9" and just saying that out loud felt exhilarating and liberating and like a lie. We both knew that three days before Christmas was too long of a stretch to truly avoid the "need" to venture back out into the storm. Once David was officially off from work for a four day holiday weekend though we slipped into our pjs and did not come out of them! We committed to eating our way through the holidays in stretchy pants with the little ones magically experiencing the joys of Santa's present delivery.  Henry and Owen spent a lot of time in front of the fireplace calling up to Santa in the days before his arrival to ask if they could have cars and if they were good and if Santa sees them. I nearly died laughing at the cuteness. And then it snowed on Christmas morning and all the magic just exploded over Massachusetts. The little guys exhausted themselves outside running in the snow and eating more of it than is appropriate. It felt a little hectic at times as we tried to cook enough meals to feed at least four hundred people but it also felt like the first year we were starting some real holiday traditions: baking cookies, watching a few Christmas movies under blankets, baking pies and cooking dinner together as a family, playing in the snow, opening presents, and spreading Christmas cheer loud enough for all to hear! We had two sets of grandparents with us, a fire, smiles and enough coffee to fill a swimming pool. It was all quite delightful. Fast on its heels was my thirty-third birthday yesterday which started with sleeping in until 7AM (HOLY DOODLE!) and ended with a pile of cannoli! Now it is time to tuck myself into sugar coma for a minimum of 7 days. The boys are busy playing, David is back to work, and I get to take one more week off before going back into the classroom. The holidays hit fast but they are so sweet....especially with the littles the holidays are so so so sweet.

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