Happiest Place on Earth

Where is my teleportation device? Don't you think by now you should easily be able to step on a disc in your living room and reappear anywhere in the world you want? It would definitely help solve my dilemma of living so far away from my brother and brother-in-law. Our trip to Disney World highlighted how awesome it is to be together in one place at one time. When Boston, California, and Southern Florida all descended on Disney for three days, it was overwhelming, chaotic, busy, but awesome and I want to hop on to my teleporter and do that again and again and again.

Seeing the kiddos together was by far the best part of our ten crazy days away from home. It took no time at all for Henry and Owen to become totally transfixed by their cousins! From nonstop cuddling to laughs and playful imaginations, the trip felt like a total success watching the littles together. Disney with everyone was intense and my feet ache still from walking over 45,000 steps in three days, but it was so so so sweet seeing the magic in their eyes and watching them bond together over their sweet playfulness.

But, I promise this won't be a total mushy post about love and family (you know my constant emotional go-to). Instead, I was thinking of sharing some insights into doing Disney with little kids and weird observations from inside the park. Like, did you know if you were planning to go on any of the Avatar rides you might as well start training your dog to do your calculus homework? Seriously, unless you fastpass that thing 6 months in advance we saw wait times upwards of 295 minutes! Who is able to stand that long in line? Well, maybe a parent who needs a break, but otherwise I don't know if any ride is "worth" a five hour long line. Or maybe I am only saying this because I did not experience the ride. Before heading to Disney get your elbows sharpened or practice your "New Yorker wide stance". The park was so full of visitors for the holidays and everyone is so distracted by their companions and looking all over the place to take in the sights  that is it treacherous to walk. I dare you to walk from one end of the park to the other without getting rammed in the back of the ankles by a stroller or rascal. Drinks on me if you succeed in this mission impossible!

What makes Disney the happiest place on earth?

  1. Open Carry for parents. Yes, after your have withstood your third or fourth tantrum at Epcot head on over to the Bavarian Pavilion for a nice cold adult beverage. It changes your whole experience.
  2. Do NOT eat the frozen chocolate dipped bananas. It looks weird but it also doesn't taste great. After a few days of eating too much, I thought heck this is "sort of" good for you. But, it was not that tasty so I want to prevent you from wasting $5. Just go all in for the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar instead.
  3. Pay attention, parents everywhere are surviving and thriving in Disney through an array of false promises to their kiddos and empty threats. Just about every second you hear some parent say, "If you don't...." or "If you do...." and then throw knowing glances at each other.
  4.  I dare you to leave without a Banshee or two? Yes it might be $65 but when you see a kid or an adult walk by with two or three of these creatures on their shoulders, it is hard to resist their allure. I am not going to lie, it took all of my willpower to walk away from the kiosk as mesmerized as I was!

But all kidding aside, it was a super fun and funny visit. I think every member of the group had a blast and we did SO much thanks to beautifully timed fastpass rides organized by my SIL, Jessie. I had hoped to do a ride in a park depending on the kiddos and by the end of the experience we did so much more than I anticipated: Mission Everest, Kali River Adventure, the Safari ride, Gorilla walk, Tiger walk, Nemo, Frozen, Mexico's river ride, BuzzLight year, the people mover, the carousel of progress, dumbo, flying dinos, the tea cups, Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, Small World, the Seven Dwarfs roller-coaster, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion, the Speedway, and met up with so many Disney characters too. You know those Disney commercials where the music plays, the family has smiles plastered to their faces, and everything bakes in a warm beautiful yellow light....it was sort of like that. Also vacationing with little kids is just parenting somewhere else.

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