Autumnal Traditions

Fall memes get me every time. I can be scrolling along my social media and some silly meme about pumpkins comes up and the laughing is uncontrollable because gosh darn it those memes are SO TRUE. I think once you have lived in New England for 10+ years, Fall inevitably becomes the very best season of all time. The second that first leaf falls somewhere in Maine, I totally want to slip into a sweater, drink pumpkin lattes all day long, and prance around in a scarf and riding boots.

Every part of the states has their season. My brother and brother-in-law love to remind me of their beautiful weather in SoCal and Florida while we are being buried in snow in February BUT they have nothing on our Fall. It is super cliche but the changing leaves does something to my brain! When walking with David and the kiddos, we suddenly start saying things like, "wow look at those leaves!" Not once did we note the same leaves during their summer green lushness. People around us predict how stunning the foliage will be based on a slew of ridiculous indicators and we marvel at the reds, oranges, and yellows as though we have never before seen this happen.

We are just on the very very brink of this enchanting New England season and already I have stocked up on Trader Joe's Pumpkin Almond Drink. I literally buy these in bunch because what if I get to November and they are all sold out? Seriously this happened last year. And to kick off the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year, we did our pilgrimage to the apple orchard. Yes, yes, one weekend a year all New Englanders must pack up their lunches and kids and descend upon a grossly over-priced apple orchard to climb into the trees and pick bushel upon bushel of apples. At any other time of the year, perhaps we consume 2-3 apples a week. But when you are going through those rows with dozens of other fall famished neighbors, you get apple crazed and pack as many of those little delicious globes into your "medium" bag which could carry about one's pet dachshund.  In previous years, my New England stamina was not up to par and we never made it quite through all the apples we picked in time. This year though I was ready for our manic apple picking and had dough prepped for apple pie as soon as we got home! Not only was it super sweet to watch our boys run around the orchard, eat their weight in apples, and climb as high as they could into the trees, but it was sweeter eating that pie together as a family. So say what you will about those silly memes or about how obsessed we might be with this current season, but I will revel in Fall until my heart is truly content!

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