Summer locks

I might take 1,000 photos a day of the boys. Watching them romp about just melts my heart and I want to capture all the moments for now and for when I am old and rocking in my nursing home. I am waiting for Google to create a camera for my glasses so I can stop pulling out my phone to snap these little gems and just blink and have the photo take and stored for me. It has to be the next thing right? Is it out all ready? It is nap time here and after plugging away at my one letter of recommendation quota for my job, I got lost in my photo feed and smiling about how cute the boys are. This summer their skin got tanned by the sun and Henry has little freckles all over the bridge of his nose. Owen looks like my little Italian baby and as my Nanny would say, "he is as brown as a berry." They have had so many baths from the dirt and mud that they played in and probably ingested. It has been a wild summer of boyhood and it is exciting to think about what next summer will look like with both of them just a touch older. But what I noticed the most in their photos was their hair. Neither little one had a hair cut all summer it seems. They were left wild to grow and tangle. This morning after playing at one of our favorite playgrounds, we stopped over to the little kid hair cut spot and stood in line with at least 15 other boys (no lie!). The store was teeming in little boys with outgrown hair. It seemed like every mom in there just let the wild locks reflect their wild days in the summer sun. I watched each boy get called up, sit down, and have their hair trimmed. It felt a little sad watching this ritual and the hair fall to the floor. They are only this little and feral for a short period of their life. When my boys were called, I placed them in the seat and watched their summer fall to the ground too. Six days is all that is officially left to our summer home full-time together. I might have cried a little in the car ride home.

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