Summer plans 

We have been busy. The good kind (mostly). It has been hard to find a minute to really talk about it but now that I am stuck at the airport for 12+ hours I can commit some to writing. It is a much better use of my time than the wallowing I want to be doing in a corner!  A week after school let out, we packed up the boys and hit the road. It was the LONGEST road trip we have ever committed to since having Henry three years ago. To say I was nervous is an understatement. Owen is not a fan of car drives over twenty minutes but he actually did really great! There were some intense moments but we made it to and from Washington D.C. In one piece and had a really great long weekend visiting with grandma and grandpa. The weekend started at the udvar hazay space and air museum and it took us to the natural history museum and Annapolis. It felt so good to travel with the boys, to hug family close, and to see new sights. 

Once we unpacked our suitcases back home, it was time to greet mom-mom and pop-pop for a week long visit for Henry's birthday. We were able to show them our new home, play all day long with them, and celebrate Henry's birthday! We ate a ton of ice cream, played in waves at the beach in Gloucester, and explored Boston. The boys were great at being packed up for a day and adventuring with their grandparents. Henry's birthday was also so special. How is our big guy three years old already?!?! It just boggles my mind. But he is so so sweet and independent and chatty that I just love him this way. For both trips he just kept telling everyone he loved them and my heart sort of exploded from it all. It might not be easy changing up routines with littles but it is worth every precious memory!

Now, for trip three. I am trying to head to a girls' weekend (my first time leaving my little family in three years). After leaving Boston at noon and traveling to Newark on my way to Madison Wisconsin, I got stuck! The flight was eventually cancelled officially at midnight and I high tailed it to a sleepless night at a nearby hotel. Currently I await the opening of the promise land (Starbucks) at 4:30AM and I hope that I make it to Madison to soak up some time with Kaelin and then that the flights home go a bit more smoothly. The biggest take-away so far from this trip: thank goodness I randomly changed out of my contact lenses and into my glasses before checking my suitcase & thank goodness for that half-marathon training. I had to run through two terminals in between two gates and two shuttle buses trying to find some alternative route out and I was not winded. So there was something good about all that! See you in Madison....hopefully.