Random noodles 

This dreary weather pattern is getting to me Boston! We are on what feels like week 1000 of dark skies and endless rain. Where is summer, New England?! The only positives of this dreariness are: my students are not distracted in the slightest from preparing for their finals and the last days of schools (to be honest I don't think they really realize that summmer vacation begins in F O U R days!) and my yard is so green and lush it feels like we live in an arboretum. It for sure does not feel like summer and so my stomach is craving all the cozy carbs of winter. Inspired by Sarah Waldman's singapore noodles, but lacking any of the ingredients for it, I made random noodles tonight and damn were they good! I started by boiling some chopped broccoli and asparagus for 4 minutes and then added rice noodles to the mix and removed from the heat for 8 minutes, drained and doused with cold water. Meanwhile back in the pot, I added about a tablespoon of sesame oil and brown sugar and stirred over medium heat. Adding the noodle mix back in, I added a tablespoon or a little more of oyster sauce and chili paste and a few sprinkles of fish sauce and mixed well over medium high heat. To finish it off, I added an egg and beat into the mix. It was so so so so good! I went back for seconds...and thirds