actions speak louder

That old cliche "Actions speak louder than words" is totally my mantra. Not sure why, but if I had a "love language" it would be this.  Of course, praise is never discouraged. I love words but to really  get me, one must know that actions matter beyond any discourse. And because of this, I have to take a minute to love on David. This past month was weird for our relationship. We have naively never really had a "hard time." When we were dating we would dreamily say, "can we be models of love" for a job? But, seriously, we partner really well with each other. And with 10 years (almost) together, it still feels fresh, exciting, loving, and also comfortable, safe, and home. I get excited every night that David is coming home and I delight in our ability to be in cozy clothes in bed watching shows and laughing on a "date night." This morning, I messaged David and said I was devastated, immediately he asked if it was the Dancing with the Stars results. He just knows! So with this "hard time" we had it was hard to know what to do. We needed to figure out how do we process differences when we have always been so in sync with one another. We needed to figure out how to move forward but also acknowledge what just happened? We needed to figure out how to give weight to this experience but not give it so much that is holds us down or pushes us apart. David's answer was to dig in with me. My biggest fear in any relationship is that when things get hard and I don't know how to respond or am like a deer in headlights and just freeze up emotionally that the other person will fly off. Instead David's response was crushing!

He was so actively engaged in working together that it helped me dig deeply into my confusing emotions, jolted me out of my rut, lifted my eyes to the beauty around us, hugged my soul, and helped me to not take everything so dangerously seriously. And as a result, our Mother's Day weekend was SIMPLY the BEST. We did so many things together as a couple and as a family and we also napped and lounged. It was an amazing mix of all the things I needed to remember: that our love is an easy love even when stuff gets hard (as it will inevitably when you tie yourself for life to another) but that our actions help each other. Gosh do I love this man! So Thank you David for being active with me, for loving me, for knowing that I always want to walk with you into these adventures and that no matter what challenges we face you will also be my pick for reality show challenges! xxoo