fish tacos

Have you ever had the best fish taco? One that is covered is the right kind of slaw that is not too acidic but not too mild? That is enhanced through a tangy sauce perhaps mixed with some avocado and in which the cod is perfectly flaked?

My fish taco place, where this was the standard in deliciousness, closed. One afternoon, I drove to my favorite restuarant, walked up to the front door, grabbed the handle to enter with my mouth already salivating and nothing! The door was locked and without warning or signage it was gone. It was a devastation and the hunt began to find a new fish taco location. Until I can locate said place I am working on making my own. And am open to location recommendations!

**shout out to my bestie Kaelin, the tacos at Big Star in Chicago are hands down the best ever, I just wish I didn't live so far away from them!**