A new spring 

I had such good intentions in my last home to garden. There is a long list around why that never happened: The ground was SO rocky

The soil was so sandy

We were overgrown with weeds and crabgrass 

We were in direct blinding sunlight all day

We had no irrigation

And while all of these are true and real causes for the dry and mangled yard we resided in for five years to be honest it just felt like such a learning curve too! 

In school the teachers say, dig a hole, plant a seed, water and grow. And yes this is the basic process but really there is so much more to gardening. I just don't know where to start. Please share any advice, tips, or tricks to maintaining your beautiful yard because we inherited a beautiful perennial garden and a number of flower beds just ready to burst forward with their spring bounty and I really don't want to screw this up! 

Laugh if you want, but I plan to check out my local library and work on the craft of gardening to do my yard proud because I want to be covered in sweat and soil and look about and say, "yes I helped cultivate that!" So my good intentions are public now, which makes me feel for accountable to this beautiful ground around me. Ask me how it went in august!