six days

Teaching seniors in the spring feels like herding cats. It might seem like an easy under-taking but once out there in the wild, getting those cats to stay together is impossible. After 6 weeks of teaching seniors, I feel exhausted, defeated, and hateful towards cats. This was the first year, I had to call home to a senior parent and say, "Hello, your cat-like child is avoiding me, avoiding their work, and doing their darnedest to appear distracted and skittish." The parent was shocked, but by the morning light the assignment was turned in. I don't get senioritis.  In High School, I was too much of a "good" student to even consider slacking and I felt so lucky and excited to have gotten into my dream school that I wanted to ensure I never jeopardized it with a poor grade. Who knows if the threat of retracting the entrance offer was real or what college counselors say to their seniors, but it worked on me. So I have 6 days left......

I am going to miss them because I know these students well. I have taught most of them for two or three of their high school years which makes this time of year a bit bittersweet. I want to enjoy their company, their intellect and their humor, but I also don't want to chase them down for work or feel like if one more persons says, "can I have an extension" that I will instantly combust! These last six days will be a true test of stamina so how do you prepare?

Slip on your pajamas

Open the biggest can of beer

Grab a bag of munchies

Turn on the TV

Fall asleep before 9PM

Repeat for 6 days

Well maybe it won't go down exactly like that but a teacher can dream!

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