Owen Edward: 10 months 

January was a quiet month here. The weather was more consistently cold and it just felt good to slow things down after our big move and the holidays of last month. But even though we generally took things slow, a lot happened in these four weeks for Mr. O. 

 It became very apparent that little man loves the bath. He could splish and splash all day long. He loves to smack his hands and get covered in the water. He grabs at toys and bangs them against the side of tub, he stands up and babbles and plops back down to make waves. He wants to bang at everything, or throw his toys, food, and anything else he can get his hands on onto the floor! Truly a man in motion these days, he can barely be contained. He prefers to crawl about at ludicrous speed and wants to "get into" all sorts of mischief. He crawls away laughing while he makes a bee-line to the dog water or fireplace poker. Forever Mr. Smiles, it is hard to be "upset" when he is ripping the candles out of the fireplace when he turns to you and flashes that gummy smile and squeals in sheer delight. He is definitely proud of himself. He is in that phase where a bookshelf is the most basic and awesome amusement. To take everything off the shelf is pure delight and books while fun to read are better when you throw them about. He loves to tug off his socks and shoes and be in a natural state, and he loves loves playing with his brother (and stealing Henry's toys). He has started to cruise more around the furniture and even pushes little carts around the house testing out that walking business. Since he can crawl there faster, he tends to drop down to his trusted form of transit but walking has to be on the horizon, no?! David thinks by month 11 but my guess still is post-first birthday. 

Owen is completely a momma's boy. A true stage-one-clinger, he must be touching me at all times. If I enter a room he drops what he is doing, if I leave a room he bursts into tears, and all he wants is for his Sherpa to hold him, cuddle, and do walkabouts the house. Most mornings he wakes up at 5AM and on weekdays our day begins but some special weekend mornings, I can convince him to snuggle me in bed and go back to sleep and we stay like that for another hour or two and my heart totally melts. At night, I cuddle onto my wild child while he quietly drifts to sleep and think, "who will you become my little fierce one." He is unaffraid, undeterred, and unbelievably sweet. That boyhood rhyme of "snips and snails and puppy dog tails" suits you.

After momma, comes daddy but  the puppies are close behind. He grabs at them for BIG hugs and laughs into their backs while they turn their heads around to lick his head. He pets and pats them and wants them to be nearby. He lets them lick his sticky fingers after meals and has started to drop little bites to them. He laughs and laughs while they eat up his leftovers. I cannot wait to see their bond grow over time. He has a preference for Bella but Buster as a preference for him! 

One crazy morning, I took both boys solo to the aquarium and totally fell in love with being a boy mama. They were so hands on and curious and ready to get dirty and stick their little hands in the tanks. It was a crazy idea but it might have been my very favorite morning of the whole month. We ate lunch together and talked about the various fish and spent time observing the octopus. Uncle Andy and Alex came to visit before the month was over and the hugs and snuggles were delightful. Owen takes FOREVER to warm up to new faces but he knew Uncle Andy was special and had no trouble being in his arms. 

This child is always hungry. He eats anything you put in front of him: curry soup, dumplings, steak, avocado, pasta, sushi, olive, tomatoes, onions, corn, broccoli, kale, lentils, spinach, and yogurt to name a few. Sitting in a restaurant is a piece of cake as long as he has munchies to play with and snack on. Should I keep everything crossed that it stays like that?  Give him a fork or spoon and he is ready to feed himself or cover himself in his smoothie! 

"Da da" is his favorite sound but we have been hearing some ma, pa, fa, and ca these days. And he will let you know when he is not happy and he will let you know when he is. His communication might be primitive but it is direct and clear! 

When we say hello and say goodbye, he coyly smiles at you and lands one giant open mouth kiss on your lips and I think, "you may never nap for me again you stubborn little one, but gosh do I love you!"