Owen Edward: Seven Months

The peanut turns 7 months old today and what a new world we are in. This month was a whirlwind of personal growth and family changes and the country  was also marked by the stunning and shocking results of the election. While we adults process the meaning of this and the future of America, it has become all the more important for our household to teach lessons of love and gratitude. To foster respect for all men and women and to foster tolerance for one's fellow neighbors. Life is diverse and diversity is what makes this nation great. Owen and Henry will grow up in a home that values diversity of mind, body, skin, gender, religion, socio-economic status, education, and orientation. There is no room in our house for hate, intolerance or bigotry. And, it will be important for the boys to also see leadership through these lens and for us to encourage their questions, curiosity, and voice and empower them to fight for those who are silenced be that on the playground or in our wider communities.

Hugging Owen has been a blessing in all of this.

He is mister wiggles these days. Grabbing and reaching for everything is his game. It is super clear that he wants to be able to do more than he might currently be able to. He wants to play with all the toys, help cook in the kitchen, and run around and chase his brother. He loves to be tickled and to crawl around on the floor and his interest in climbing up the stairs has been piqued. Do you hear that sound? No, well if you could, it would be the constant clapping that this little dude is engaged in. It might just be his very favorite activity. At night, while I nurse him to sleep in his nursery, just before he falls deeply asleep he gives one last round of applause to the day and my heart explodes from the cuteness. If he isn't clapping or scooting about, then he is practicing his sitting which has FINALLY gotten more stable. This is allowing him to play more and bang toys all about. And that pincer grip is helping him pick up all sorts of little fuzzies as well as puffs to snack on.

Owen is a big fan of eating solid foods. This month he learned to love peanut butter like his Dad and big brother. Smeared on some toast, Owen devours the PB like a boss. Nibbling on eggs, broccoli, and a random assortment of dinner bites is both entertaining and delicious. And he devours pouches like it is nobody's business.

We are moving! And Owen was a part of the house hunting process. Being carried from open house to open house and back and forth to the home we eventually bought proved that Owen is an easy-going baby. He toured the houses with a critical eye and gave us car naps and walk-around nursing sessions while  we shuttled about to find our new home. Of course, every house we visited Owen was "so relaxed" that he pooped so we had a lot of car changes too and we laughed a bit about his perfect timing. Once we settled on the house and visited one more time, we threw a little good-bye party with our current neighbors and Owen joined in the festivities of the evening.

It was Owen's first Halloween and Henry picked his costume: a fox. While he didn't partake of the candy eating, he did go around with us tucked under his blanket and took in the sights and sounds of the holiday before hurrying home for bedtime snuggles and warm cuddles. That was one cold night! On the flip side, we got to splash around with some friends at the LifeTime gym pool and seeing this chunky monkey in the pool was too adorable.

It was a busy and quiet month, but it was a month full of BIG life changes.


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