Owen Edward: Six Months

Happy half a year, little buddy!  I truly cannot believe that our littlest family member is already six months old. That was both the fastest and slowest period of time. When you are still waking up a bunch at night the minutes tick by slowly, but no matter how tired I might feel I am trying to savor every snuggle and midnight rocking session because before I know it this season of our lives will be over! Owen is literally moving and shaking everyday. He cannot get enough of his growing independence and is starting to protest with little squawks if you hold him for too long. Then once placed on his tummy he drags himself off to his next adventure.

This month was dedicated to new routines. Henry started at nursery school which means that Owen joins Mema for drop-off and pick-up of his big brother. I was really worried about this transition (and although my mom didn't say it out loud, I am sure she was worried too). Owen's naps are a little all over the map and so it was worrisome to know that Owen would have to adjust to a more regular schedule in order to do the driving around needed to get his brother. Thankfully, my mom figured it out better than I could. And he seems to be enjoying his time home alone with Mema eating, playing, and sleeping and his time in the afternoon playing with his brother.

Making Owen laugh is my daily mission. I love the sound of his hearty, belly laugh. But nothing makes Owen laugh harder than the dogs! Owen loves to grab Buster and Bella and pet their fur and just get close to the two of them and laugh and laugh and laugh. Even when they just walk into the room, he bursts into hysterical laughing. He loves it when Bella sits next to him and the two look eye-to-eye. He just screams with delight at Bella's face and most of the time Bella will rest there while he does.

After the dogs, Henry is the next source of endless enjoyment for Owen.  He loves to watch Henry play and squeals with delight when Henry enters the room. Most of all, he loves to have dance parties with the family and to chase Henry during a crazy afternoon zippity session. Racing around the center pillar of the house, the two boys laugh and laugh while I chase Henry with Owen, Henry "falls," and then lets Owen stand on him and they two collapse in giggles. It is these moments that my heart explodes and I just imagine the many days and nights ahead that will look like this, two brothers together.

Owen can now drag himself from one end of the house to the other in pursuit of his favorite toys or really to get at Henry's toys in less and less time. Unfortunately, this probably means little fights for toys are coming our way sooner than later! His proto-crawling is fast and he truly cannot be left alone for a second on the floor without getting into something and seems to gravitate to dog toys of course! He isn't a big fan of sitting though. He can do it for a short period of time but then either folds forward to get to his belly dragging crawl or arches his back to lay down. He can jump and bounce in his various toy centers but gets frustrated if you leave him alone in the room. When he is not being active then he is enjoying a good book. Some of his favorites are The Going to Bed Book, In The Tall Tall Grass, and Guess How Much I Love You.  He grabs for the pages and tries so hard to touch the protagonist. And while we are snuggled up reading together, Owen needs to rest a hand on Henry.

This month also saw a number of back to back colds for the family. Both Owen and Henry and even David were down and out with a series of nasty colds. It is that time of the year for sure but the problem then was also the distracted nursing that coincided with these colds. He was too busy to eat so in order to really get a good nursing session, Owen and I needed to sneak off to a quiet spot in the house which is a nice way to connect in the middle of the day. And in those moments we just have smiles for days. This loving little boo loves his family. He gives the sloppiest open mouth kisses and just leeches to your face and sucks your nose, chin, or cheek while groaning out a "mmmmmmmm" sound. You can just feel his love and the slobber!

Apples, Chickpeas, Avocado, Kale, Carrots, Peas, Spinach, Potato, Oatmeal, Banana, Prunes, Strawberries, Blueberries, and Peaches are just some of the yummy foods Owen has been chowing down on. He partakes of three meals a day now and has fully taken over the family high chair. When he eats well, he is tending to sleep well. On big food days, he only wakes up once at night usually around 1:30AM/2:00AM. If he doesn't eat well (nurse well) then we sometimes still see nights where he is up every 2 hours and then there is not enough coffee in the world for this mama! And there was a week when he was just waking up for the day at 4AM, then napping from 6:30-7:45 but by that first nap Henry was up for the day, so those were some long days of family bonding.

It was also an exciting month for getting out. We went apple picking, went to the Ashland Day fair, went on our first ever whale watch (jeez was the water rough that day), and to so many crisp, cool playground dates. Despite the inconsistent sleep, this was a good month and Owen is just becoming the sweetest little bug. We could not imagine life without our baby and all we want is this little baby in our arms always!

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