Owen Edward: Five Months

This was THE month. Not only did Owen show us more of his sweetness BUT he also totally hit his stride. He is sleeping more, eating more, RARELY fussy and constantly laughing and smiling!  This was a good month with our little man and I am just so happy with how he is becoming more and more vocal and mobile. He is the chunkiest squish wearing 9 month clothes and we cannot cuddle this mush enough. Since he loves splashing around in his bath every night, he smells so yummy all the time that it is hard not to eat up all those soft baby rolls. If you do raspberries on his tummy his squeals so loudly in delight that it is truly hard not to match his pitch with your own laughter.

Mobility was the name of this month. Owen first started to roll front to back and this was problematic! You see, he only would sleep for periods longer than 30 minutes if he was snuggled asleep on his tummy. So when he learned to roll to his back, he would wail out because poor little turtle could not get himself back to his tummy. And so he needed to be flipped like a pancake multiple times a night and I was just about ready to throw in the towel when....he learned to flip from back to front, whew! And now he sleeps more regularly and we are all so happy including him! Bedtime is from 6:30PM-11:30PM and then he nursed and goes back to sleep from 11:30PM-3:45AM and then wakes for the day between 5 and 5:30AM. And this is sustainable and such a good improvement and so much more predictable and delightful for mommy and baby. We get in our nighttime cuddles and rocks but also get some good sleep stretches. When he falls asleep while nursing he likes to run his fingers through his hair and coos lightly. After he is transferred to his crib, he lays on his tummy and scratches the bed sheet which is his best attempt at trying to keep himself awake but a few "shhhhh" sounds and a little bum tapping and Owen is fast asleep.

This month he also started baby school. We feel very luck to have found such a wonderful, caring daycare for our little guys. Since I cannot be with them during the day full-time, I know that Michelle, Jamie, and Alex take the very best care of Henry and now Owen. But, it doesn't mean that I don't cry my eyes out as I drive away after drop-off. He is just so tiny and I just wish I could stay home with him everyday and savor his little charming personality. So far, three days in, he is doing well with baby school. He did come home with this first cold, but that is understandable since this is really his first time hanging out with others and other little kiddos. But a few sniffles won't keep this kiddo from being happy. He cannot contain his giggles...seriously.

If you lay Owen down on his back, he immediately holds "boat pose" and sticks out his little tongue. Clearly this pose is tough to achieve but when you are working toward those six-pack abs, you have to hold it often! He curls himself so high that I think he is gearing up to sit-up soon. He cannot be contained! And if he is on his belly he grabs a hold of his play mat and drags himself toward his toys. Toys, toys, toys, Owen is ready to play. He cannot get enough of the toys we put out in front of him and he loves to watch Henry most of all. He laughs as Henry sings and runs and plays and he laughs when the dogs come by and he reaches out his little hands to pet them. When you hold him facing you, Owen wants nothing more than to stroke your face, grab your nose, or touch your lips. And he mimics your sounds particularly your raspberries!

This month Owen also started to LOVE eating. He has tried oatmeal, pears, carrots, peas, mango, prunes, apples, and banana. He might love each more than the other! He sits in the highchair and smacks his lips at you and says "Feed me!" He started off slowly with only a bit here or there but now he regularly sits for two meals a day and polishes off his entire helping. He grabs for his spoon if you are not feeding him fast enough to take over.


Owen turned the corner on his carseat screaming! Before, every time we clicked him into his carseat, he immediately screamed for the entire journey. It was painful to go anywhere knowing it would make him so upset. When I shared this with my friend Keyanna, she said that her son was the same and that she placed a muslin blanket on his face and he stopped crying as he would snuggle the blanket. It was worth a shot,right? I was a little nervous but it would be great to get Owen something that comforted him. As we backed out of the driveway, the muslin was drapped lightly over his face and he snuggled it in and started to coo and fell asleep! Every time he would sleep and snuggle his blanket like Linus. Now when we drive he is so much calmer as long as his blanket is near him or on his lap. Hooray for a great month Mr. Owen. We love you so darn much.

With one day left to his five month birthday...Owen started to pull himself along the floor toward toys and to us. Such a mobility show-off ;) and he slept until 6:15AM. Five months later Owen has decided to become an easy-going baby.




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