Owen Edward: Two Months

If the first month was a blur because Owen spent most of it sleeping and I spent most of it healing and chasing after Henry, then the second month was a slog! Owen woke up from his early newborn slumber and he was not happy. Weeks 4-8 were dedicated to newborn fussiness. And yes, while we had amazing times with our little guy, not to share that this month was hard because of the constant colicky screaming in the early evening would be a misreport. We got the little one on a probiotic and anti-gas medicine and it helped but he just needed to work through his gut issues. It was so hard because he just was so unhappy and uncomfortable. It killed not knowing how to comfort him or what would soothe his tummy. I was left often feeling like I did not know how to be his mother. While nursing helped in the short term, it also made the gas worse as it was the culprit of his discomfort. As we closed the chapter on this month, we had many more minutes and even hours in the day dedicated to happy smiles and coos and less spent on Owen passing gas and crying. And, I felt like I was starting to understand him more each day.

When you meet Owen you immediately see that the little man is young but not little. Weighing in at almost 14 pounds this two month old is beefy! He is a hardy little love machine though. His cuddles and soft baby rolls are delicious and this momma really wants to just eat up those cheeks! And boy does he love getting his cheeks squeezed. If you want Owen to smile, then just give those little cheek pillows a squeeze and he immediately responds with the biggest open mouth smile. Thank goodness he was such an early smiler. At around 5 weeks, he gave us his first big one and that helped so much to offset the discomfort of the colic screaming moments. It is hard to be frustrated or sad when you are holding on to the smiley moments. I have this feeling that next month we will see just how jolly this chubby baby boy is. And I cannot wait to see more of his little personality emerge!

One of the questions every new parent gets from everyone they meet is: How are you sleeping? While this might be frustrating on a day when you are lacking sleep, it comes often from a place of solidarity, "I've been there too and it won't last forever." So how was Owen's sleep?  The beginning of the month was rough. It took a long time of bouncing and swaying to get the little guy to settle down. He went from zero to screaming his head off in less than a blink of an eye and David and I passed him back and forth in an effort to hold insanity back. David would run around the house holding him tightly to him while pretending to run from wild beasts. Why? Because one night in desperation, I turned to David and said, "How did we survive as a species with wild beasts around without newborns giving away our location?" Owen seemed to enjoy the "racing around for his life" routine and quickly fell asleep. At night once he settled down, he slept well typically from 8PM-midnight, then 12-2AM and 2-4AM. As we inched closer to the end of the month, getting Owen to sleep during the day became easier although not easy.  We learned very quickly that this guy loves his swaddle. He pretty much wants to live in his swaddle.  He wakes up, eats, is alert for maybe 40 minutes, and then wants his swaddle, a rock, and back to napping. Obviously, with a toddler around we can't guarantee quiet time in the house although he definitely sleeps better when it is quieter. To keep him asleep while Henry screams and runs around, Owen has discovered the beauty of the MamaRoo and enjoys the kangaroo setting the most.

So now our sleep looks like this:

  • 5AM Owen is awake
  • 6:30-7:30AM naptime
  • 7:30-9:00AM playtime
  • 9:00-10:30AM naptime
  • 10:30-11:30AM playtime
  • 11:30-12:30 naptime
  • 12:30-1:30 playtime
  • 1:30-3:30PM naptime
  • 3:30-5:00 playtime
  • 5:00-6:00PM naptime
  • 6:00-7:30PM playtime
  • 8:00PM-Midnight/1AM sleep
  • 1:30-3:30AM sleep
  • 3:30-5:00AM sleep.

While he might still be very little he is starting to do some really fun stuff! He is enjoying his time on his play mat more and more. Looking at his zebra is his favorite part of playtime. He also watches Henry play and loves to observe him while being held on a lap. His eyes will track you across a room and he coos and smiles non-stop while he is awake. This is definitely my favorite part of the day with Owen because it is starting to reveal the little person inside this baby of ours. And unlike Henry, Owen is a fantastic car napper.  Henry would scream all the way to our destinations, Owen passes out as we turn on the car. It makes travel so much nicer these days, although Henry still gets cranky if we drive more than 30 minutes.

And of course Owen was brought along to all sorts of play dates with Henry. He spent most of every day outside in the sun on a blanket or in his Solly wrap. Being outside definitely helps soothe him and I am so thankful the weather is perfect to accommodate his needs. Along with our usual playground days, Owen visited the Aquarium, the mall, and attended a little block party. This month might have started a little tough, but it ended so sweet and easy. I am ready for life with this little guy!