Owen Edward: 2 Weeks

Weighing in at 9lbs 10oz little Owen is ALMOST as big as Henry was on the day Henry was born!  It is crazy because when I look at Owen he seems so big now and Henry was that big on day 1, WHAT!?!  Crazy! BabyOwenFinals--3

These two weeks with Owen have been fantastic.  He is the cutest little baby and my heart just keeps on growing each and every day to love him more and more. Owen is definitely an "easy baby." Of course, easy is relative to the parents' I believe, but he is so chill during the day. We are able to pick him up and pack up for a day out and about. Owen has gone out to lunches and dinners, visited with friends and family, and gone to the playground to watch his big brother a handful of times. When I was this far out with Henry, I was SO scared to leave the house. Just getting down the stairs to the garage felt like an epic journey. So getting out at least once each day at this point feels very exciting and has given me some really great confidence as a mommy to two boys. And as we close out on day 14, Owen is more and more awake to explore the immediate world around him. His beautiful little brown eyes will scan my face and I cannot help but cuddle up close to him and kiss every inch of his baby face.


What does a day look like at our home?

We are typically awake by 5AM and then head in to play with Henry in his room for at least an hour. Mornings tend to be slow as David and I alternate showers and head downstairs to cook up some breakfast. Then we aim to have a little morning outing. This past weekend, we went to Drumlin Farm with friends and I find that it takes a good 30  minutes prior to our set departure time to get everything packed for the day and to have the boys pottied and fed for the car ride! The philosophy of our lives right now is to get out the door in one piece with as little bulk as possible. It has taken about two weeks to figure out what we really need and what can stay home and how to keep all the boys' things in a single lightweight diaper bag. We are back home by 12:30 for lunch time and Henry's nap and this is when Owen is most awake. It's so sweet to have a little alone time with Owen and to whisper sweet nothings in his ear while his brother naps. In the evenings, I am pretty tired from the day and still feel drained from the physical toll of labor and delivery and aim to keep things slow and simple for the healing process having us stay close to home until bedtime with the boys.


Owen sleeps pretty well. We get a long stretch of time asleep from 8PM-Midnight and then after that it depends. Some nights he sleeps for two-hour increments and some nights only one-hour increments (which leaves me very very tired by 5AM). Thankfully David has been home these two weeks to help in the morning and to encourage me to take naps when I can during the day even though my mommy guilt tells me to go go go. My big worry is when David goes back to work and I have to be everything to these two little ones. Of course, I want this but I am worried if I am able to do it. Fingers crossed for me please!


Even though I am tired, and even though we are still adjusting to our life with two little ones, these two weeks have been some of my most favorite in my life. David has kept me smiling and is the most playful sweet father I could ever imagine having as a partner. It is really wonderful being loved by and loving three men!