19 months: No longer a "Baby"

It is so hard not to call Henry a baby. Of course, he will always, ALWAYS be my little baby, but the definition of a baby no longer applies to him. Instead, we have this amazingly independent, creative, loving, curious, playful little boy in our home (and in our hearts). By far this has been the best of times. As he was working his way through his first year, I cried for how quickly he was growing-up. But now, now, I see how awesome it is!  He is just so darn FUN these days. It's been a while since I wrote a little Henry update and felt like I needed to share some of the cute things that are going on with this little gentleman of ours. As I have come to find out, unfortunately, if I don't write it down it fades away from my memory and since my iPhone doesn't have the storage space to record every second of our days together, I better write it down! Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 9.11.49 AM

  • Henry is talking up a STORM! Every day from the second he wakes up to the minute he goes to bed he is a little chatter box. And we can have little "conversations" with him too. For example,
    • David: Good Morning
    • Henry: Morning
    • David: How did you sleep?
    • Henry: Good, puppies?
    • Later in the day:
    • Me: How was baby school?
    • Henry: Good.
    • Me: What did you play with?
    • Henry: Blocks
  • Some of our favorite words these days include: Moccasins, Cucumber, and Puppies because he says these words with various intonations. Sometimes high, sometimes deep and low, and sometimes laughing. He is really playing with sound and repeats the last word of every sentence you say to him. #parrot
  • Running around is the best way to get from  point a to point b these days. He loves lapping around the first floor, running in the park, and diving into his Yogibo  bean bag. He is ready for a tiny tumbler class for sure!
  • He eats like a champion which is fantastic. He has finally started to eat starches although they still remain his least favorite food items. Give this boy fruit, veggies, and meat though and he will tank up!
  • January was a BIG month. Henry committed to his New Years Resolutions and gave up both his nighttime bottle and his binky. Way to go little man!
  • Blocks, blocks, blocks all day every day
  • Play-doh, Play-doh, Play-doh, he cannot get enough of carrying round his little plastic play-doh cutters and slicing and dicing that stuff.
  • Hanging out with friends and exploring our neighborhood has been so fun, as well. Henry can really play now, call his friends by name, and is working on his sharing.
  • SNOW!  Last year when we took the little one out into the snow, he would cry and fuss. Clearly being immobile and placed in a bank of snow was not pleasant. Now though he can run around, kick and carry the snow, and try out a little sledding in our front yard.
  • There are SOOOOO many more updates going on of course, but let's leave it as, this is such a fun time in our family!!

I now just hope that the transition to adding our new little boy to the family goes well!