2015 a few photo memories

2015 was a good one. We learned a little bit more about parenting, had some big transitions in our life, ate well, hugged often, and laughed throughout the year. I always get sentimental at the end of the year. And this year even more so from all of these pregnancy hormones. Looking over our pictures, I well up. Yup, I am a happy sap who is thankful for having had such a wonderful 12 months with my little family.

What am I looking forward to in 2016?

  1. Obviously the arrival of baby 2! I am bit nervous to meet the little guy and to kiss my delightful nights of consistent sleep good bye. But I cannot wait for my heart to grow and fit this little one into our family.
  2. Watching David and Henry meet, love, and live with the fourth member-to-be and seeing where our little family goes this year. I can imagine there will be many adventures in store.
  3. A long maternity leave with my family. A true blessing.
  4. Committing to some real fitness goals and business development. Being a part of my fitness groups reminds me each day how much individuals want to be focusing on healthy life choices and taking care of themselves, but how often we need a little support when life gets in the way of life. Helping to be that support and to get you there to your goal is one of my goals too.
  5. Saving some $$ and paying some bills off. This is the year that I start being an adult about it. You can only postpone this inevitable stage for so long.

I hope the new year bring new joys and adventures to you and your people! And that when you look back on 2015, there is much to be thankful for.