Baby Two: Making Presence Known

I remember when my cousin was pregnant she would talk about the baby moving around in her stomach, and my young teenage brain would SCREAM. How weird!  So you are telling me that this alien creature moves around whenever it wants and you just sort of feel it inside of you? The very idea of pregnancy gave me cold sweats. I was just starting to feel normal in my own body at 16 and could not envision handing it over to grow someone else. It's funny how 15 years later, none of those aversions to motherhood remain. Instead what is left is a deep desire to already know this little baby growing. Just this past week, his little kicks and movements have become precise. As I sit here typing, I can feel him wiggly about and I wonder what does he look like? Will he be a clone of Henry? Will he have darker hair like David? What kind of personality will he have? With a 114 days until his arrival, I will have to be content with not knowing these answers for a bit longer, but at least now, I can feel him. I know he is there, growing, and thriving and getting ready to meet us.

David has been able to feel the little flutters now too and I am excited to see if Henry has any interest in "feeling" his little brother kick. For now, he is super sweet in giving lots of kisses to mommy's tummy. That day, when the three of us get to meet our little family member is going to be quite special.