winter weekends

You know that song "everybody's working for the weekend?" Since having my little guy, that tacky 80s lyric rings so true. I just cannot get enough time with my family. There is something so beautiful about a lazy, casual few days home with my people. They reinvigorate me and remind me of what all of my hard work during the week is for. This past weekend was lovely. We napped, did some Christmas errands, danced like maniacs around the house, cooked, snuggled, played, and strolled around a holiday market. It was full but easy.

December is truly my favorite time of year (despite the ungodly traffic). David's birthday is soon, then Christmas, my birthday, and the new year. Cold weather brings us closer and parties bring out the cheer. It would be nice to slow down my favorite month just a bit though.

Tonight I am going to take a stab at some homemade holiday cookies and then it's time to get serious about knitting and a little fitness. Yes, I am one of those resolution types but I always like to start mine before the new year. Somehow it makes me feel like I am more committed to change.

What is your favorite part of this time of year?