The big switch 

It must be the hormones, right? I am sitting here feeling so sad I could almost cry, seriously. Why you ask? Well, I just sold our single stroller from UppaBaby. This wasn't just any stroller. This was THE stroller. Physically, it was awesome. It was light weight, portable, with  storage, maneuverable, and such a great color too! Spiritually, it was our adventure wagon. Henry grew up in that little thing. He cruised around our neighborhood and Amsterdam in that ride. It was there for all those "first moments." And yet it is just a stroller Melissa so get a grip! 

   A lovely couple came by tonight to pick up our red stroller. She is pregnant with their first due next week and it felt nice being able to pass along our favorite to a new family. I hope they enjoy it as much as we did. I have nothing but positive reviews for the UppaBaby line.

So what will we be using? We upgraded to a double stroller (which we will use as a single until baby #2 arrives in April). And I am sure it will be an awesome fit for our family. The Baby Jogger City Select will bring the babes from point A to B and that is really all we need. Okay, I think I have my wacky preggo emotions back in line.