It's funny but one of the most prevalent questions I get when preggo is: What cravings are you having? It makes sense though. If you had been pregnant than this is common ground for bonding over weird cravings that command your mind and demand to be consumed. If you have not been pregnant than it is an odd human behavior that begs a little bit of voyeurism. And, the cravings are real, often, and ridiculous so whichever category of questioner you are, you won't be disappointed!

Just like with baby 1, this time around I am super hungry for anything spicy and sour. Perhaps it has little to do with the baby (there are all these old wives tales that suggest certain types of cravings mean something) but rather just what my body is interested in during this odd hormonal growing period. I could cover my food in Sriracha sauce and eat my weight in all things pickled! Driving passed Whole Foods each day on my way home from school is the greatest challenge. How can I possibly drive by their smorgasbord pickled antipasto bar? Most days, I can't and dip into their parking lot for a quick little nibble of pickled deliciousness. The more sour the better!

The new craving with baby two though is: Cucumbers. By 10AM everyday, I start to think about the cucumbers waiting for me in the school cafeteria. How many can I get today? Will I put dressing on them? Eat them in a salad or just plain by themselves? The cucumber possibilities are endless and each day I am filled with excited expectation! Haha, yes these are the crazy-food-driven-thoughts of this pregnant lady!

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