stitch fix maternity & feeling awesome

I was skeptical. When Kaelin called me to ask, "What do you think of Stitch Fix?" Well I thought....why would I pay $20 a month for someone to shop for me. Being picky is my thing when it comes to my wardrobe selections. If I like the stylist's selections then great, but if I don't then aren't I just throwing away $20 a month? And, what about the notion that I don't have time for myself that comes along with Stitch Fix. Am I so far removed from my previous self that this new mommy version can only be clothed if the materials are shipped directly to my door?  In theory, I hated this idea of Stitch Fix.  But Kaelin did raise a lot of doubt for me, when she stressed the convenience and also the great fashions and styles that were arriving on the doorstep of her home.  Should I try it? But wait don't forget I am pregnant so that means I just dress in tarps and spandex for the next nine months, no? Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.27.13 AM

I started to Google as one does when trying to justify changing one's original theory. What were women out there saying about Stitch Fix. Was it worth the value of $20 a month. The reviews, not surprisingly, were positive. Then a miracle...they are carrying a maternity line! What!?  Okay so now it was time for a complete 180 on my position and I signed myself up. Despite having had a baby, I have no maternity clothes. I had borrowed everything previously from a friend and surprise she is pregnant now too. My gorgeous borrowed wardrobe is suddenly "occupied."  So the door became fully open for Stitch Fix.

The process for signing up for the program is fun. You fill in a style profile, rank some outfits, and then write a little message to your stylist about what you are looking for. The the box arrives and voila you are suddenly truly convinced that this was an awesome deal. Out of my 5 items that arrived, I kept two and returned 3 very easily in their pre-packaged materials. And I feel a bit like a rockstar in my new digs!  #Stylishbump

Ready to try it too, check out this link here: Stitch Fix

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