We are expecting baby 2!

April is going to be an exciting month! David, Henry, and I will be adding one more family member to our inner circle.     I am so excited to be pregnant again. I missed my baby bump and feeling my baby growing and moving. Perhaps that is weird to say out loud but there was something so beautiful in having this bond with my little baby that no one else could have yet. He was with me wherever I went and it was comforting knowing that he and I were "in it" together. This time around I am less nervous about the actual birth day but still nervous about eating well, resting enough, and being present for Henry and David! With baby 1, you can kick up those feet and rest after work...not so much with baby 2. 

But I am trying not to get ahead of myself with worrying about life with two babies. Obviously we will just have to figure out our new routine when the time comes. Instead I want to savor this pregnancy, the moments with this little baby that are just my own and also the the fleeting "only child" status that Henry currently enjoys. Henry made David and me parents and this little one will complete our family. And all of this is so exciting!!