My health challenge 09

  So it has been a little while since I shared a health and fitness update. It has killed me to not inundate this blog with daily updates, but I remind myself that not everyone is as excited about fitness as I am these days!! What I have discovered is that everyone is interested in health and wellness, particularly their own. This has led to so many beautiful, honest, and raw conversations. I have been so moved by what friends, family, and strangers have been willing to share about their experiences with health and fitness and humbled by their dreams and goals for healthier habits. This road is not one paved by perfection, but rather by small steps toward progress. 

By focusing on myself and my family this summer, I have seen an amazing transformation in what we do with our free time, in how we approach eating, and in how we talk about our selves and dreams. It is funny how when you nourish your soul with whole foods and your body with activity the ripple into every other corner of your life is unexpected and kind of awesome. And, working with my first group of challengers has demonstrated to me truly that community helps foster accountability not through shame but through joy for one another's successes and in caring for one another when we stumble. I am loving this "job" because it truly fosters and feeds my life right now and I see it doing the same for those around me. Yes, I am strong enough to do some push-ups now but I also feel a mental and spiritual strength that I don't know if I truly ever felt before.

   So my update is simple. This summer has been great, not because it was perfect (Henry learned to tantrum and teethed enough to have gotten 100 teeth, I skipped an exercise or two, I have had chocolate cake and wine too, haha) but because overall the habit shift, mindset shift, and fitness shift has been rooted in a real belief that I and my family and my community deserve the very best and that I know I can do this! I am proud, really proud these days. Not in a gloaty way, but in a wow this feels good and whoa look at you for doing it kinds of way!