Henry Adam: 12 months

What a bittersweet moment. The last of our monthly updates for little Mr. Henry Adam. Today he turns one. 365 days ago, I was blessed to meet this little one face-to-face. I remember the day he was born so vividly. The emotions can still return if I sit quietly and reflect about the momentous day. When Henry entered the world at 8:58PM, we became a family. This little guy has brought us so much joy and happiness. It is amazing how such a tiny little baby could change everything, but he did and it has been wonderful. He has taught us to be utter goof balls, to be patient, to listen, to slow down, to love even when you are exhausted and completely tapped out, to give it your all and then a little bit more, to wonder, to savor, to look with new eyes, to play, to worry, to fret, to take things in stride, to smile, to laugh, to cry, and to try so so hard to slow down time. This year has been the best year of my life so far. I have watched my son grow into a curious and playful little boy and watched my husband grow as a father. It has been an honor and joy to witness this. I cannot wait for the next year to begin and to keep this family story going.

So much has happened this last month. Henry started using these cute little walker toys. One is a alligator, another a lawn mower, and another a funny little musical cart. At first he walked about tentatively and then he began to run with this toys. Lapping around the bottom floor of the house with Buster and Bella in tow, Henry would shriek in delight and his legs carried him about. He loves running the walker into the pups and getting them to chase him and run away from him. It was our first glimpse at the endless games of tag that I am sure are in their future. Then on June 8, Henry took his first independent steps. It was AMAZING! Seriously, who knew that a few shaky steps could be so exciting. I felt like I was walking the final round of a World Cup match. There was Henry in one corner and then.... 2 steps!!! Since then he has been toddling about but still prefers crawling as he default mode of transportation but this is quickly changing. And sometimes while "walking" about he flashes his little smile inclusive of 8 teeth!

Perhaps it was a result of the duck boat ride through the city of Boston, but Henry is obsessed with ducks. His favorite books right now are Duck and Goose Colors and Gossie and Gertie, his favorite toys are rubber duckies, and he just started to say what sounds like "duck duck" when playing with any of these items. He is also saying ba ba when he is thirsty although he is mostly drinking out of his sippy cup. He is shaking his head no, and while this will probably become frustrating over time, it is so darn adorable right now! And his favorite song remains if you are happy and you know to which he claps along even when crying in his car seat. No matter how old he is, 1 day, 4 months, 12 months, Henry is not a fan of the car ride but at least this nursery rhyme stops him from time to time. Oh, and another thing that I learned this year is that I use my telephone too much to snap pictures of my kiddo. How do I know this?  Well none of my Facebook friends have un-friended me yet for my absurd number of parenting related posts, but Henry has started to pick up his toys and hold them to his ear like a phone. Time to put the phone down!  Of course, at the same time one of his favorite pastimes in FaceTiming with his cousins and grandparents everyday! But the funniest development from our little goof ball is belly raspberries. If you lay on the floor and flash him your tummy, he crawls over to you and face-plants on to your tummy with sloppy kisses.

Project Yum Yum continues over here as the little man eats more and more and more solids. He loves raspberries and would eat an entire container if left alone. Some other favorite delicacies for the little man include: avocado, whole milk, cheese, sausage and rice casserole, birthday cake, olives, oranges, blueberries, stir fry, and pizza. What is better than eating these items myself is watching my little guy eat them, rub them into his hair, and smear them  playfully across his tray. He also enjoys feeding us bites off his plate if we ask politely. Our little dude is a gastronomist.

This month we were so lucky to have two sets of photos taken by the incredibly talented Red Wagon Images. Lyndsay of Red Wagon Images immediately makes everyone feel comfortable, playful, and beautiful. Pretty much everything you could imagine from a family of photographer...and more! She captured the most precious moment for me, the last time I nursed Henry. We met at a local park and found a beautiful tree on a little hill and there Henry nursed for the last moment before he made the choice to move on from mommy to his own sippy cup. It is so special having this moment documented. It brings me to tears and it was so wonderful having Lyndsay capture that moments and the many others this last month including the ultra fun cake smash session.

And the little globe trotter ended his first year with a lot of exploration and travel. He swam in ponds and picnicked with his friends and visiting animals at Drumlin Farm and went all the way to California to visit with his cousins. It was quite the month and truly it was quite a year. So many milestones and beautiful moments dotted the year. It was an absolute blessing to be Henry's mom this year. I am so happy to celebrate Henry's Birthday.