henry adam: 11 months

11 months!! STOP STOP STOP. I am not ready for this. Henry is SO ready for this. He is ready to walk, ready to explore, ready to grow. This parenting business is so hard. I finally get that old saying, "they will always be your baby," because even when Henry is 60 years old (if I am alive and kicking), I will still want him just to be my baby. This little dude is awesome. Seriously, he is the coolest, sweetest little person. I love my little human so so so much and understand that despite my best efforts to keep him little, he will be 1 year old in just 30 days. This first year is flying by us at ludicrous speed. When he was born almost 365 days ago, he was this helpless little sack of love and cuddles. An accomplishment was keeping his eyes open for more than 5 minutes at a time. Now, he is a super independent, playful little boy who loves to get into mischief and go go go.

Month ten started out with Henry being bananas for tubs. We would fill his little baby tub up, plop him in and he would splish and splash. It was a bath for anyone in the room! We added some fun new toys to the mix since we realized that while he was growing up his toys weren't quite meeting his needs or interest any more. So this submarine from Green Toys (which is an awesome company that makes all their toys out of recycled plastics) entered the soapy waters and obviously a sea plane makes sense for tubby time too! Going along with this "Henry's growing up and we really need to realize this!" theme, we tried out the regular tub. BIG MISTAKE! Bath time was super scary even though all of the favorite toys were in the shallowest of waters, Henry was not a fan of the extra elbow room. So we are back in the little tub for now. Any suggestions on how to make the transition into the "deep end" would be much appreciated! For now, he is super content to sit in his crammed tub quarters and be buried under his tub toys.

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? If not, come on over to our abode and place your bet! Will Henry walk by his first birthday? What are the odds you ask, 2-1, 6-5, 20-1...I don't really know how to calculate it, but the current bet stands: David "yes he will be walking" to Melissa "nope he won't be." David's evidence includes Henry's  growing eagerness to walk around with his baby walker toys, an ability to walk around the house when holding your one hand (or finger), some spider crawling in the grass, cruising along the furniture all the time, and some very fleeting independent standing moments. On the contrary, I see Henry as totally going in the direction of walking but just at a slower, more cautious pace. He is super nervous to stand alone and will go days without doing it, he is hesitant to fall, and LOVES to be carried about. I think our little king of the house (Henry actually means "home ruler"), will walk at 13 months.  But, the only one who really know is the man himself. So what is your bet?

While we are all on hyper alert for those first steps, Henry has been up to a bunch of other things. He is working on giving high fives, blowing kisses, and pointing. At night while the three of us cuddle up in his room to read stories before bed he tries to point at objects in his books. It is too darn adorable. And, the one that makes my heart explode is when you ask him, "Henry, can you give mommy a kiss?" he smiles, leans over, and lays a sloppy open mouth kiss right smack on your lips. AH! I want to ask him a million times a day but I remind myself to play it cool, mommy!

Tearing through the house on your hands and knees can be exhausting and every now and again you need to take a little pause. Henry's pause just so happens to look like cobra pose in yoga these days. And speaking of crawling there is nothing more exciting and hilarious to baby boy than crawling under and over things. Under Buster is by far the most fun (not sure Buster thinks so), and under tables and chairs or over his elephant he goes. He has also started to open and close drawers which means daddy and I are no longer able to get away with "lazy" childproofing of just covering the outlets.

But the very most fun development of this month, for me to watch at least, has been the Imitation Game! It's like having our very own laugh reel in the living room. Should one of us crack a chuckle, then Henry cannot help but start laughing as well! It is like he knows someone just told a joke or said something funny or perhaps he just wants to "participate" in the conversation (since his sound repertoire grows by leaps each week). But it cracks me up! His baby laugh is hilarious, so then a small chuckle turns into an all out family belly laugh. Good times.

This month Henry is really into:

  • Dancing. Pick that child up and waltz around the house and he squeals with delight. It is magical!
  • Watching for daddy's train. We drive over to the commuter rail to pick up daddy and roll down the window and watch the trains go by. With each train he shrieks "Da da, da da" and we watch to see if it's the right train. Once David is in view, Henry cracks a HUGE smile and laughs until he gets his hello kiss.
  • Pushing every toy around his room like a car. Most of the toys at our house are gender neutral, but this little boy loves his cars and all things transportation related.
  • Parties!  This month there was a lot to celebrate: Annabelle's Birthday, Kellyanne's Birthday, Wyatt's Birthday, and even a gender reveal party for a new friend on his way!
  • Family times. Our weekend in New Hampshire and our Mother's Day weekend were so great. Relaxing, rejuvenating, and full of time together.
  • Eating. This kids LOVES to eat. He sits for three meals a day and gobbles everything up. But most of all he is obsessed with berries. He is a fanatic. He will grab a strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, or raspberry and raise it above his head like Thor's hammer and shriek in delight before gobbling up as many as his little mouth can hold.
  • Daycare.  It has taken nearly 6 months but finally Henry likes daycare, especially playing at the water table and sharing toys. He loves passing a toy back and forth with Alex in particular.

What Henry did not like this month:

  • Traffic. This little guy has never really enjoyed traveling in the car. Even when he was a super little baby he cried during most of a car trip. And now that he is older and his cries are even louder no one likes traffic!
  • Ear infections. Boo! Henry suffered through his first ear infection. Thankfully once he was on an antibiotic, he was comfortable but until then we had a few tough nights.