stuff only this crazy mom says

It could happen to you. You might find yourself saying the most bizarre things post-first baby. Sometimes it is hard to step back and realize, "Wait, wait, in what way is this typical conversation?"

Thankfully all of my weirdness has been only directed to David, I think:

driving around in the car, "sometimes I daydream about making 8oz of milk."

sitting on the couch, "so should we go to bed?" (clock strikes 8PM).

getting ready in the morning, "I look too young to be a mom, right?"

getting ready in the morning, "stop calling them 'mom jeans' just because I am a mom."

watching the baby monitor, "I would make a pact with the Devil for sleep."

laying awake at night, "do you ever wish you could breast feed? You would have to shave."

sitting around the house, "I need good paper for my many lists." (David eye roll)

half awake at night, '"I wish when I silence the monitor it meant the baby stopped actually crying."

thinking about food, "Henry is a very healthy eater [noshing on raspberries]. Maybe I need to stop eating so many potato chips [noshing on cape cod potato chips], nah."

looking in the mirror, "Is it weird that I love my squishy belly? I sort of what to  squish it around all the time. I have to restrain myself."

leaving the house, "I am going to the gym, but just so socialize."