Henry Adam: 8 months

How big is Henry? SO Big!  Just as this becomes a favorite game, we tick another month off in this year of firsts. Happy 8 month birthday, little man!! Yet again, I am in awe of how much this little guy has grown and changed these four short weeks. The happiest moments are the ones in which the three of us are together playing, singing, and laughing. This parenting business is really fun. Yes, there are tough moments (especially when we were tackling two colds back to back), but 99.9% of the time, it has been nothing but pure joy being this little man's momma.

Six snowstorms in one month meant a lot of days snowed in together. I could not have imagined a more fun way to spend the winter than hibernating with my two guys. With each added inch to the ever growing heap, we were granted days away from work to snuggle and play together. It felt like an extended mat leave and I was so thankful. At the same time, the snow storms hit every Monday and Tuesday which meant that the two days Henry was set to attend daycare never happened! Mother Nature must have known how sad and worried I was about this daycare transition that she softened the blow with pillows of snow. Instead of starting on January 16, Henry started his two days on February 16! That first day was so hard. Covered in food and tears, H's first day was less than ideal as he processed his new environment away from home. He was so distraught at pick-up that first day it broke my heart. But with each successive visit, he has become more comfortable and the latest pick-up he was even on the ground playing with his buddy, Wyatt, and a make-believe salt and pepper shaker set. It was a bumpy start but these two days at daycare are starting to finally look pleasant.

In January, we reached out to a local photographer, Ann Lyle, to take 6 month photos of Henry. Unfortunately, we quickly realized that the price point was a little out of our range. Then two weeks later, Ann contacted us to say she was in need of a six month old baby boy model to update her website. If we agreed to let her use Henry's photos, then she would give us a mini session. Immediately agreeing, we headed to her studio one snowy morning. Her space was awesome. The props, clothes, and setting were perfect to capture some sweet photos of the little man. Ann was great to work with and so patient with our shy guy. She captured such excellent images that we decided to book a one year session with smash cake for July (stay tuned for maximum cuteness coming your way!).

What has the little guy been up to this month? Oh, a whole lot.  Henry had his first night with a babysitter so that we could go out to dinner with our neighbors. After meeting Abby when she first arrived to the house at 5:45PM, he spent the rest of the night asleep, so that was successful, no? Henry is also crawling for real now. This means that you turn around for a second and H criss-crosses a room and moves across the floor at ludicrous speed. It is amazing and awesome and incredibly intimidating. If he moves this fast on his hands and knees, what will it be like when he is up on two feet? He even dangles little toys from his mouth in order to carry them around the house with him. His favorite to do this with is his little turtle. Bath time is also a blast these days. Instead of reclining in his little tub, he sits upright and just splashes and plays. Standing up and plopping down to make waves, he laughs and laughs. His little playful personality is busting out these days and he has the mischievous grin to prove it. Whenever he makes "that face," David and I turn to each other and say, "oh we are in for it!" With his little grin and tongue sticking out, Henry makes a beeline for his bookcase in order to drop his books one by one onto the carpet or knock over any block tower, or push his little cart and elephant around. Add to this waving and clapping and we have had a pretty fun month with our little "hell raiser."

With a second tooth coming through the surface the sky is the limit on this little man's appetite. This month he has tried more and more food items and eaten them all with gusto. From peanut butter to meatloaf, our little foodie has enjoyed them all. And when we go out he is now big enough to sit in a high chair so meal sharing has become easy. He is so cute sitting at the dinner table chomping on his cuisine. I just love how much he loves to eat and I hope he continues to enjoy this part of the day. Some new foods for Henry included: peanut butter, italian food, brazilian food, chinese food, and puffs. You cannot eat in front of Henry without giving him his share and his little pincer grip gets more and more adept.

This month Henry is really into:

  • Reading books. Henry loves to snuggle up in your lap and read board book after board book. His favorite right now is Otis Loves to Play.
  • Crinkle books are very entertaining these days!
  • A new lovey to snuggle at night. I cannot wait to watch Henry bring this little guy around with him. It is so darn cute.
  • Someone has finally moved up in life! That's right, we upgraded to the next phase car seat. This means that we can no longer cart Henry around in his infant car seat and wheels. So Henry is now advanced to the regular UppaBaby Cruz stroller too.
  • My new favorite clothing item is hands down these baby moccasins. They are made from such soft leather, they are easy to slip on (and they don't slip off), and come in the greatest colors. I want every single one of them!
  • Singing songs. This little crooner sings to himself his little babble songs in bed and in the car and at night when he nurses himself to sleep. I love hearing his little voice, it is the sweetest. And I love to sing to him too. Our favorite lullaby these days is Silent Night.
  • Expanding his friend circle. Two more little friends were born this month. Henry got to welcome baby Jack and baby Logan to the world and he cannot wait to play with them.
  • Attending wee reads and taking books out of the Sudbury Library is always a treat!