my time as a SAHM courtsey of 1,000 snow days

We have had 1,000 snow days here in Boston. This is not an exaggeration...well maybe a little. Boston and the surrounding area has just been hit hard by Mother Nature this winter season. One winter blockbuster storm after another pummels the area and leaves us all cozied up in our homes and covered in a white blanket of snow (this blanket is now VERY thick). Most Bostonians are at the end of their patience with Winter 2015 and begging for the Spring thaw to begin. And when it comes to how the winter has impacted my life at work, I am in this camp. It is hard lesson planning for classes that do not meet, reworking curriculum over and over again to fit into the ever shortening schedules, and reaching out to students remotely. This dilemma is just par for the winter course though and we are tackling it as best we can up here in New England. At the same time though, I am loving these snow days.

They feel like an extension of my much too short maternity leave. Henry was born in July which meant that my maternity leave was also my scheduled summer break from school. I had a terribly short 8 weeks home with my newborn and 8 weeks to heal and get myself back in order to face full days at work. It was SO hard. I cried every day and felt aches and pains but had to just deal because that was all I got with a summer baby. These snow days have given me more time to love and cuddle my son full time and I have to selfishly thank Mother Nature for this. It has been an incredible blessing in my home to be able to squeeze in more time with my family, more cuddles with Henry, and more bonding overall. Gosh the bonding alone has filled me with so much revitalized energy. I feel like I really understand Henry's routine and needs and not just what he is like in the evenings and on weekends when I try to read signs and cues. Being a working mom or a SAHM comes with a multitude of pros and cons. Parents on both sides of this issue could fill pages upon pages with their joys and their challenges. But, right now with these extra 6 days home with my son and husband I feel completely renewed, relaxed, and happy. All year has felt like a sprint from one class to the next to lesson planning to grading to trying to fit in quality time with family and friends to never having any time for myself. I wish I had been able to have a longer maternity leave but I am thankful to have gotten these snow days.