henry adam: seven months

Today Henry turns 7 months old and tomorrow he will be 17!  That is seriously how it feels sometimes. Don't get ahead of yourself, Melissa, you still have many more months to go until he is off to college, but each month flies by with his constant changes and firsts. Not everything about being a mom is easy. For example, this past month I tackled two illnesses while simultaneously needing to continue to care for Henry. Ugh that was SO hard. All I could think about was this commercial as I went between my death bed and Henry's room. But, I am super thankful for the family and friends who dove into the trenches with me to help get us to the other side of it all.  Despite these challenging times, being a mom is the best job ever (at least that is how I feel about it). I get so excited watching Henry learn and play each day. I remember when I was a babysitter always thinking how repetitive the days were and thinking how I would never ever want to be a mom myself.  How could I sit on the floor and "play" with an infant day in and day out? How could I pick up flung toys over and over again? But, it really is different with your own little one. Each time we play and each time he does something, you really do see the learning that is going on underneath and the subtle differences in each attempt. That, or I am so far down the mommy hole that I cannot come back up for air!

Month six was a full one to kick off 2015. Henry probably met more people in this one month than he has in his short lifetime. The parade of family and friends was kicked off by a visit from Auntie Kaelin. K spent a week with us (and helped out during illness #1 food poisoning by fish taco!). Each morning we would lay around the house in our pjs playing with Henry, grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks, and just be together. It was so fun to be able to share my winter break from school with my two faves! Henry just loved spending time with Kaelin and it was so so sad to say goodbye. We are counting the days until we can see her again and show her Henry's new move: pseudo-crawling (which might be real crawling when we see her again).

Then, Henry was swept up in a hectic social scene which included celebrating a new bestie soon to arrive in February.  He had a great time at his first baby shower. He was held a ton by our friends Kellyanne and Lauren, and soaked up every second of the experience, i.e. he went on a nap strike. Despite the lack of sleep, he remained pleasant and content throughout the luncheon and he even snuck  in his first kiss! That is right, Henry is starting early on the girl front. This adorable little one-year-old (yes, my son is into older women), was so sweet and thought that "kissing the baby" was the best thing ever. So clearly, she had to lay the love on thick. I only wish David could have been there to see the love shared ;) If this wasn't enough love, Henry also spent time dressed up as baby Cupid with his little crew of baby friends. We all headed to our friend's house as she hosted a play date and holiday craft day. It was a fun time watching the littles play on the floor with an assortment of toys, dip their hands and feet into paint to make cards, and dress as baby Cupid for a little photo shoot. Obviously we kept one card for ourselves because the cuteness was killer and then shared the others with our fan club, grandmas and grandpas. And, we ended the month with the same baby group to celebrate the Patriots in the Super Bowl potluck style.

This month also contained Henry's first flight!  We packed up a ton of gear and boarded a flight from Boston to Jacksonville to spend some quality time with David's family. It was a smooth trip down and back. Best of all Henry got to meet his great-grandmother, uncle, aunt, and three cousins and, of course, spend time with grandma and grandpa too. We all stayed together in one house which meant that despite the shortness of the visit we were able to squeeze out every second together. Henry was totally smitten by his new family members and loved loved loved playing with his cousins. Alyza could not stop cuddling and holding him, Alex enjoyed reading to him, and baby Zachary was such a sweetheart and played and shared toys with him all weekend long. It really was special and I am so glad we were able to get down there.

What are some of the new skills that this little guy has mastered heading into month 7? Well, he loves to babble. He is constantly making sing-song sounds, little shrieks, squeals, and laughs. He has really found his voice this month and I cannot get enough of it. Every night I make it my mission to get him to laugh himself silly. I seriously love the sound of his voice. It is soft and high pitched and just so darn cute! His favorite things to laugh at these days are: wrestling with David's head, tickles to the tummy, and the space ship song. Henry is also sticking out his tongue and trying to mimic the shapes we make when we talk. He focuses very intently on your mouth and then tries as best he can to move his mouth and tongue in a similar fashion. He also loves to roll his tongue over his new tooth!  Yup, our little guy is all grown up now with his one little chomper. His bottom left tooth has broken through the surface of this gums. It is hard to catch a glimpse of it though. And spotting it feels like claiming a sighting of the loch ness monster, but every now and then he pulls his tongue back just enough and bam there is the tooth! He is pseudo crawling too. If you place something at just the right distance from him, he will slow crawl his way over to it.  Too far and he will look for something close to distract himself, too close and he will army drag himself to it. But we have caught the crawl on camera to confirm that he is SO close to doing it. Of course he prefers to walk though. He loves to hold your hands and walk all around the house and pull himself up on things. I hope he doesn't skip crawling. I really want to see him scooting about, but clearly his passion is for the two-footed approach.

Lastly, he can sleep through the night! I say "can" versus "is" because he is not consistently sleeping through the night quite yet. His first cold has set him back a bit as has teething.  Let's just say having a sick baby is so miserable even if it is just something as slight as the common cold. It is just awful watching him struggle to breathe and sleep (thank goodness for Vick's Baby, a humidifier, Tylenol, and an amazing husband). Fingers crossed this cold gets its butt kicked by his budding immune system quickly!  But, back to sleeping. The other night Henry slept a solid 6 hours straight, then 8 hours straight and finally culminated in a 10 hours straight night! What?!? It was nuts! My chest was so confused as to why no one demanded nursing through the wee hours of the morning but the rest of my body was feeling delighted by the sleep drunkenness I was experiencing (darn you cold for making it so short lived!).

This month Henry is into:

  • Eating solid food bits by himself and perfecting his fine motor skills. I am finally getting over my fears of choking (a little) and Henry has tackled: eggs, toast, broccoli, tomato, and banana. All while playing in his high chair with measuring cups, prep bowls, and a pasta claw.
  • Playing in the snow, or really experience the snow around him.
  • Sorting out his new day care experience. Yes, the little man is now attending daycare two days a week.  It has been a tough start. His first day was quite sad and it left me with a broken heart and then he skipped his second week because of his cold. So he really hasn't started but he is technically in daycare for two days a week (a blog post about this to follow soon).
  • Loving his Travel Crib. This item is SO easy to move through the airport with, stows in the overhead bin, and is comfortable and simple to assemble.
  • Playing with some new toys: Push Cart, Ball Drop, Octopus, Talking Puppy.
  • Wearing his latest eating fashion item, the long sleeved bib, for easy clean up!






long sleeve bib