my bestie had a baby

IMG_4554 On Wednesday morning, my bestie had a baby. He is a beautiful little boy who is just so sweet and snugly. I thought I would be excited, but just how amazing it is to see my friend turn into a mom, is almost indescribable.

I met Laura when I was a freshman in college. For the four years at university, she challenged me, supported me, loved me, and made me laugh. She became my sister, confidant, and truly best friend. We were never far from one another and today only live a few miles apart. So many aspects of our lives have changed since those first awkward days as freshmen, but instead of these forcing us to grow apart, they have helped us grow closer. Through first jobs, boyfriends, husbands, marriage, home-ownership, and so much more, I have always known that Laura would be right there by my side, and this has always given me strength.

When Henry was born, she was the first to come to the hospital and she visited me each day during the early weeks of motherhood. I was scared and tired and feeling completely incompetent and like my body had been run over by a semi, but she helped me through it. She made me laugh while I awkwardly tried to feed my baby and reminded me over and over again that I could "do this." She kept me company, kept me feeling strong, and kept me sane.

On Tuesday night before her baby was born, I was able to visit Laura in the hospital. As I walked through the hallway of the labor and delivery wing, I felt lightheaded. I remembered being in this position so vividly. A slight PTSD fit descended, but once I saw Laura sitting in bed with a smile on her face, this subsided and all I could see was my brave and beautiful friend. I was so excited for her. She was about to be a mom!  Of course, I had seen her bump growing for 9 months but suddenly seeing her in the hospital it all became real. She was confident, cheerful, and in control. I could not have been more proud of her. I could see that awkward freshman friend inside the eyes of this strong mom and I felt nothing more than overwhelming love for my best friend.

I sat on pins and needles waiting to hear about the birth. Finally, on Wednesday morning, the little one arrived! Seeing Laura in the hospital the following day was so special. Yet again, I was impressed by how at ease she was. She is a natural mommy.  From holding, to feeding, to changing the little one, Laura looked like a pro.  She was unafraid to advocate for herself and little one with the nursing staff and truly was glowing! I had never seen her look more beautiful (and this is saying a lot since she is just such a beauty already!).  Watching her trouble-shoot breastfeeding has been amazing to witness. Breastfeeding can feel like anything but natural those first days and weeks. I remember feeling so lost, sore, and tired. Henry would squawk at me and I felt totally out of control of something that should be "easy." It was the hardest thing I ever did next to pushing that little boy out. Now, Laura is there working through the early breastfeeding trials. In the times, I have seen her, she has not been frustrated or angry or upset. She continues to approach each feeding with new eyes, awareness, and determination. Her love for her baby is truly palpable.  I am incredible impressed by her.

Having a bestie who has a baby while I, myself, am a new mom is truly a gift. All I can imagine are our days together raising our little boys. There will be so many firsts over the next few days, months, and year together and I am so lucky that I will be able to share my mommyhood with my best friend who I truly love so much!