henry adam: one month

Henry Adam, our little guy, is one month old! He is just the sweetest little boy too. David and I could not have imagined a better addition to our twosome. And, we get to keep him too! Seriously, this month has definitely had its challenges (evening fussy sessions that left us ragged) and its triumphs (heading out of doors more and more), and we are so happy to announce that Henry survived his first month with us as parents!! Woo Hoo we did it! The learning curve was steep (and in many many ways we continue to climb it) but this first month of jitters and calling out to each other, 'What do I do?" is checked off. I would even do it all over again if I could.

Henry is really into:

  • Being held upright by the couch so he can stare at the picture frames on the wall

  • Rocking in his glider

  • Napping in his Mamaroo

  • Being swaddled

  • Taking baths and getting his head scrubbed

  • Dancing around the house with mom and dad

  • Listening to his parents sing crazy, off tune songs

  • Being smelled by the puppies

  • Cuddles and sleeping on someone

  • Farting (this makes all of us happy!)

  • Kisses on his chest and feet