a few of our favorite things

You don't realize when you are registering for baby items which ones will become your absolute favorites. Every baby is different and it is amazing that the littlest baby already forms preferences right from the start! Henry has overall been an incredibly easy baby. Everyday I pray that it doesn't change and so far he continues to surprise us with his calm disposition and charm. He fusses of course but usually the culprit is hunger and his naps are slowly becoming more "routine."  And, these items that we have come to rely on have truly helped make life with the little man smoother.

The UppaBaby Cruz stroller with bassinet was an excellent investment. It is so incredibly versatile. Our car seat clicks in easily and the bassinet is a great carrier for long walks in the park. Henry loves napping in his bassinet and the UV sun shield is incredibly long and truly blocks out the hot summer sun. The stroller is lightweight and maneuvers beautiful.

Since the day he was born, Henry has loved a tight swaddle. It probably has to do with the fact that he was such a BIG baby in such a tiny space. These swaddles by summer are soft and lightweight. Henry doesn't sweat despite the snug fit and the Velcro really keeps him "locked" in during his naps and nighttime snooze. And he looks so cute all bound up like a little glow worm.

At night, Henry sleeps in the stokke bassinet. My brother and sister-in-law very generously gifted this to us after their little one used it. It is compact and fits in our room beautifully and Henry is great at sleeping in this.  It rocks gently and has a mesh inside which allows for great air flow.

While it makes Henry smell a little like an old man, Burt's Bees Diaper Cream is currently our go to. We have a bottle upstairs, downstairs, and in our diaper bag just in case of a major blow out!

This week Henry started to "play" on his infantino play mat. It is so cute watching him be mesmerized by the dangling animals and the kaleidoscope of colors. He is never on the mat for more than 5-10 minutes right now but it is starting to look like he is enjoying his play time more and more each day.

Where would a new mom be without a nursing cover! Now that we are more mobile and head out every day for random errands, playgroups, and mommy classes the bebe au lait is perfect for covering up the tatas while Henry snacks. The only downside is that it gets a little hot under the cover but the privacy is a worthy trade off.

This Ergobaby Carrier has helped keep me sane.  I love a clean house and often feel very anxious and overwhelmed when the house is a cluttered mess or covered in dog hair. But, with a new baby cleaning is on the bottom of the list of priorities. The infant carrier allows me to tuck my sleeping (or almost sleeping) little man close to me and pull out my vaccuum, mop, and/or get some cooking done. Of course this is a temporary state. When Henry is older, I doubt he will let me strap him to me in order to clean and tidy up but for now I love how the Ergobaby allows me to be both mommy and regular Melissa who loves to clean!  I am sure the Ergobaby is great outside of the house as well I just haven't tried it out in the wild yet!

I wish I had two of these!  I would love to have a boppy upstairs and downstairs because I feel like I am carrying it around with me all the time. It helps so much with feeding the little man. Having a 10 pound baby means my wrists and arms tire after a long day of carrying him about and the boppy is perfect for both of us. Henry can recline on the soft pillow while nursing and I can give my arms a break while still having him close to me. I highly recommend to any mom-to-be purchasing multiple covers for the boppy. You never know when spit up will "decommission" your current cover and the boppy is too much of an essential to lose for even an hour of laundry.

My brother and sister-in-law bought us this Chicco pack n play and we have it downstairs.  It is AMAZING! We are able to change Henry there and the side caddy attachment is perfect for holding wipes, diapers, and burp cloths. We don't have to run upstairs now every time he needs to be changed which is awesome. He naps in there during the day and it is high enough off the ground to ensure that he is away from the curious pups. The owls are incredibly intriguing to him and if we need to do something he is often perfectly content to sit with his owls for a little while.

The Chicco Keyfit car seat is a perfect pair with the Uppababy stroller. It is lightweight, easy to clean (since Henry spits up a bit still), and it is so easy to click it in and out of the car. Clearly we use this everyday which makes it an essential part of our life right now.

My parents purchased us the mama roo by 4moms for Christmas and we weren't sure if the little man would like it. Well....he does! His favorite setting is "Kangaroo" and he sits in there at least once everyday. Right now as I blog this he is swaddled and napping in his roo. The pups can casually walk pass him and sniff him which they love and Henry seems quite content.

Last but not least is his ugly, big pacifier from the hospital. It is called a soothie and it is what we were sent home with. He LOVES it. We went out and bought a bunch more and have them all around the house and in his diaper bag.  Sometimes he just wants the comfort of suckling and the shape and stickiness of this pacifier allows him to hold it in his mouth longer than he is able to do with other brands right now.

So that is it!  These are currently Henry's favorite items.