beef stew crock pot

It has been hard to type, to focus, and to do much of anything this past week really. We woke up yet again one morning to find that the heat in our home had gone out.  Temperatures were dropping outside and now this was replicated indoors. What should have been a quick fix turned into a week long problem.  Frigid to the bone, we dusted off our crock pot to whip up some hearty belly warming meals. One of our favorites is beef stew.  It just screams cozy "winter" cuisine and always hits the spot on a cold evening. Each batch makes so much that we are typically able to eat lunches and dinners from this one pot meal all week long. Thankfully, the heat is back on for good now.  The furnace as decided not to be finicky and to remain consistently on which is good since Boston is heading into what feels like mini-ice age. But, heat or not heat, this beef stew is a recipe that we will repeat again and again until the Spring thaw hits our town in April.

Beef Stew in a Crock Pot Recipe

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