soy balsamic roasted chicken

Friday night, after a long week that ended in two days of back-to-back parent-teacher conferences, I was treated to a delicious meal at my friend Laura's home. With a bit of mind mush, I drove to her house and was immediately greeted by the delicious aroma of her kitchen and her warm smile. We spent the night with a few of our friends laughing, telling stories, and sharing in a great meal. The week had been so long and tiring and this was exactly what I needed to decompress and reconnect. Laura worked so hard to ensure that we all enjoyed a fancy meal on her finest dinnerware.  She did all of the work even though we strove to help her.  It was amazing to receive so much selfless care and love on a Friday. I was incredibly thankful. The chicken that was prepared was so delicious that I told David that I just had to make it for him during the weekend. He was a bit skeptical as he saw me toss in the ingredients into the basket, "Soy sauce and honey, are you sure, Melissa?" Promising him a dish that would tap into his umami taste buds, I assured him he would be pleasantly surprised. The recipe itself came from Real Simple Magazine and as always it was a simple meal to follow and did not take much time to prepare.  Within an hour we were sitting down to our feast. And....David enjoyed it! It is going to be added to our running list of meals for our home. I hope it makes it on to your list as well!

The Recipe: Soy Balsamic Roasted Chicken with Rosemary

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