life lately according to my iphone

This weekend David and I travelled to Minnesota to attend this step-sister's wedding.  It was our first time to the land of 10,000 lakes. From visiting with family, to trekking hours in the Mall of America, to enjoying the BIG day, it was a great trip. Now we are just waiting for our flight home to Boston.  Fingers crossed we don't get delayed as there are some mean looking storms tracking between here and our connection in Chicago.  Of course, it doesn't help that I am a nervous flyer.  At least I can snuggle up to David if things get bumpy up on the air.  To fill the time between now and boarding (3 hours from now...I get to the airport REALLY early because, like I just said, I am a NERVOUS flyer), David will play around on his phone and read some and, after blogging a little, I will also lose myself in my latest fiction selection, Sharp Objects. How do you spend your time at the airport? IMG_3847

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