two years ago today

It is so hard to believe that two years ago was our wedding weekend! After a year of ceaseless planning, imagining, and booking, we spent the Friday before our Memorial Day wedding weekend, relaxing poolside at the Hammock Beach Resort. I vividly remember how warm that weekend was. The sun was such a welcome after a winter in Boston. Splashing in the pool together with friends and family was the best way to decompress, breathe, and truly take in the moment. People always say to relax on your wedding day, to let the professionals do their job, and to just enjoy yourself. Yet, this seems so impossible when the jitters of the year of planning and expectation radiate through your muscles and bones. We had never planned an event like this before, let alone a destination event. 5alcat_ES_WEB



Everything was perfect (at least to us). In the end, from soup to nuts, David and I  saw only the perfection of that weekend.  Yes, I am sure there were mistakes or faux pas made over that weekend, but I am going to be sappy and say we did not see any of them.  All we saw was each other and the commitment we were making to one another.  We were surrounded by constant love from our friends and families and our own love for one another was enveloping. Sometimes, I wish we could go back to that weekend not because I want to sap up all of the attention but because it was just so magical. We woke at 4AM on our wedding morning because we were just too excited for the events ahead to sleep. We ordered breakfast in bed and just laughed and danced around the hotel room until it was time to go off and get ready. Before we said goodbye, until the ceremony, we took a walk on the beach together. It was so early that we were the only two on the beach as the sun was rising.  Along the way, we gathered some seashells to bring home with us, talked about our future, and were just plain silly running and leaping in the waves. We were married at 5PM on Sunday, May 29, 2011. And this thing that David and I have has just gotten better with each year....